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Books for business

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    Does anyone know of any good books I could read to understand more about business and how to set one up, finances etc?

    I'm currently a university student, but I don't study business. I'd like to set something up but I don't feel like I know enough about the technical stuff to really do much right now.

    So I figured summer would be the perfect time to look into it.
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    I'm in exactly the same boat, though I am in upper sixth, not at uni yet..there's one from the 'for dummies' series which looks ok and this website is pretty useful if you click on businesses, hope this helps https://www.gov.uk/
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    There is loads available online, what exactly is it you want to know??
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    Try Duncan Bannatyne's 'Wake up and change your life'. It's full of tips for how to start a business, how to write a business plan, how to do the finances, how to get funding etc.
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    Although it's not exactly about setting up a business "how to get rich" by Felix Dennis is a great read! He is one of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs who has made hundreds of millions in the magazine publishing trade.

    His writing is witty, interesting and motivating
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    I found this to be pretty good tbh!

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    Rich Dad Poor Dad...
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    (Original post by pinnacle)
    Rich Dad Poor Dad...
    Would definitely recommend this (although neither of us have read it, it's supposed to come with raving reviews).

    Attraction Marketing by Stuart Ross

    Although not particularly business related 'the secret', if you google it you should be able to find it - it's just about the law of attraction and how your thoughts attract things to them if that makes sense (hope it doesn't sound too wishy washy lol).


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