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Leeds Trinity Uni College Confusion...

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    So i've applied through UCAS extra for English and Media Studies to Leeds Trinity University College.
    I recently had to leave my former Uni, and only achieved 240 points at a level.
    So my reapplying options have been slim. (damm ucas grades going up every year)
    Leeds trinitys requirements are 240 for my course, however when I was checking out the league table, Trinity stands at 26th in the guardian for English.
    I'm abit confused at why a Uni so high up would only offer 240, and do i really stand a chance with my a level grades, as sits among some of the Unis on the league table which ask for a's and b's in their English courses.
    I managed to get a B in media and a c in English at A level, and most other courses I've applied to have accepted this, I'm just a bit concerned and confused that maybe I've applied for a uni that's a bit to far out of my league.
    (Most other unis i applied too are usually 50-90 on the league table)

    Can anyone give me some advice or sense of ease?
    I'm panicking they may come back to me demanding an A or something, :confused:
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    You have nothing to lose by applying. You meet the requirements so why not?
    Don't worry, you need to apply or you'll be always be thinking of what could have been
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    (Original post by Alexandra's Box)
    You meet the requirements so why not?
    Yeah i guess so, just a bit set back that i might not be good enough for a uni thats in the 20's for English.
    Then again if i get in i will be VERY VERY happy about this fact!

    But i was thinking if i already have the grades and qualifications already...would i have more chance of being considered?


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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