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    Hello there!

    I applied for some Masters in London (MSC International Business management): Brunel, Birkbeck and Kingston, and for the moment I have received an unconditionnal offer from Kingston. I am still waiting for the others reponses..

    So my first question is : Knowing that I am not that clever (I think I'll get a 53% overall in my third year), and I am a little bit short on money, where do you think i'd better go?

    I wanted a good Uni with good reputation, but I am still afraid of intensive courses, not being able to cope with the work.. and I think Brunel and Birkbeck are intensive.

    On the other hand, I think that it is quite weird that Brunel is only 7.000 pounds with a good reputation, Birkbeck is almost 10.000 pounds and never heard of it (although I think they have a good reputation), and Kingston is 8.400 pounds whereas it is in the middle (I think?).. I thought that (even it is stupid), money had a little bit to do with reputation?

    I really wanted to go to Birkbeck but it's 10.000 p almost, and I wanted to go to Brunel but I am afraid of the intensive factor.... Is Kingston that bad? lol

    In short, I want to go to Brunel it is no expensive, but the intensive course scares, I want to go to Birkbeck but the price and intensive course scares me, and I want to go to Kingston it is not expensive, but the bad reputation scares me..

    Any advices? thank you guys, I hope it's all clear.. xx

    from a personal standpoint, i wouldn't spend a year in any of those mental institutions even if they paid me the course fees xx
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    and from the other person's standpoint? lol I have already applied and it's already too late so if I could hear some constructive answers that'd be nice..

    Birkbeck is part of the university of London and is ranked quite well for research I think. You don't see them on league tables though as they only do evening courses - it's designed for people with full time jobs who still want to study for a degree. I imagine if you want to come to London and get a full time job while you work it would be good, otherwise you might find you had nothing to do during the day.

    I would say though that studying in London is going to be expensive whichever university you go to. Birkbeck is probably charging higher because they are aiming at employed people rather than 18 year old students, and it's probably more expensive paying lecturers and the like to work in the evening. PG fees aren't set by the government so there is a lot more variation than you might think, and a lot of it might be to do with what they think people will pay rather than what they think they are worth.

    If you haven't already the best thing would be to post in the forums for each of the universities on here to try and get an idea of the course from someone currently studying it - no university is going to say they offer a 'not so intensive, easy ride' kind of course, and there aren't that many people who would wan't to pay £7000+ to go on one.

    Birkbeck is terrific, and benefits from its being one of the Russell Square universities, with UCL, SOAS, the IoE and a number of other institutions. That's a super place to study.
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    Thanks guys, I think I'll finally go to Birkbeck.. I hope it is worth the price (9950 pa for an MSC in International Business)..

    I checked the threads in the uni forums and there is not a lot of answers but I found positive answers for Birkbeck not Kingston. I guess I am going to struggle a year, so it'd better be on a good uni.. I'd be too disgusted otherwise lol

    And I was talking about "intensive courses" because I was a bit afraid of failing because of the amount of work and the high level, and then waste my 9950, but I bet it is worth the try if I get a part-time job in parallel.. and get a good job in the future..

    Thanks guys! And if you have anything to add, you're welcome xx

    I think Birbeck is really good and I know a lot pf guys who are working and do msc at Birbeck.. So I guess it has a really good name in the industry!! Good luck


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