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Dill and Tommies

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    The green fuse drives, Flower Power

    Through the green fuse drives the cost paid
    My old green, exploring the trees, roots and press
    I am a fighter.
    I am calm, I bent up
    In winter, the island is dependent on my youth.
    The rock-based energy, water
    To encourage the flow of blood red, he did
    Support to the laundry.
    · BI ham you, I love her mouth
    Hiruvaga size from the mouth.

    This side of the storm pond,
    Contribute to sluggish air pipe size
    I pulled the shroud sail.
    I am calm, I'm hanging, I mean
    Clay and limestone, and executioner.

    Ancestral head, his lips, cards;
    Love to walk and collected blood, but at least
    I have two of his wounds -
    Peace, I must say that the wind climate
    How far is heaven, and colorful.

    I love, it's a bad thing, I have to say
    By bending a steel plate in the same worm.


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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