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What do you think of Justin Bieber's Boyfriend music video?

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    i'm a bit confused by it, because the teasers we were given were only at the beginning? but i think that's the point..??? they only made them to release them as teasers??

    i think it shows he's grown up but i am a bit disappointed with it but the song is great so it doesn't matter! maybe it's a grow to like the video thing.. i was just expecting something way cooler. it's still good though because it's justin bieber
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    The lyrics to this song actually made my ears bleed.
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    Justin Bieber has a boyfriend now?
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    Its alright, not too bad...
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    It would be better if it didn't have Justin Bieber in it. Also, that song they played over the top of it sucked.
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    He thinks he's hot or what? The people in this video look way older than him.
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    It is his best song, but the video is trying to make him look like he has swag - really doesn't suit some artists like J.B. though
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    don't get the appeal at all. he's not even good looking :/
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    Was i the only one who didnt understand what was said until a minute later?
  10. Online

    Put it this way, he ain't as good looking as most of One Direction.
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    Cringeworthy, possibly even more cringeworthy than Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend.
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    Haha.. nice thread this is going to open a whole can of worms!
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    Annoying little boy worshipped by annoying little girls. Get off my screen... and my Twitter feed.
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    (Original post by Isambard Kingdom Brunel)
    Put it this way, he ain't as good looking as most of One Direction.

    zayn is the only good looking one... & possibly the bonde irish one..
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    Watched it with 4 mates earlier. Lol'd.

    EDIT: No, seriously. Even if the study area hadn't been empty, you would've heard us laughing from the other side of the room.
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    (Original post by Bettypratchit)
    Haha.. nice thread this is going to open a whole can of worms!
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    I stayed up till 12.30am to watch it live on MTV HEHEHE LOVEEE ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! BELIEBER 4 LIFE
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    2.3 million views alreadyy WOOOHOOOOOOOOO
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    (Original post by swaggiee)
    I stayed up till 12.30am to watch it live on MTV HEHEHE LOVEEE ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! BELIEBER 4 LIFE
    awww i wish i was as dedicated i went to sleep!!! it was the first thing i did back from college though!!!
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    (Original post by CJKay)
    Watched it with 4 mates earlier. Lol'd.
    a group of male beliebers thats nice i wish the guys i knew had the confidence to be out and proud with their love


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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