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Msc Engineering Management or Msc Management

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    Hi Everyone
    I have applied for Msc Engineering Management in Bath, Exeter, York, Birmingham and Aston.
    I have got admit form Exeter and Aston and waiting for others to respond.
    But i was also thinking of applying into Msc Management program in some good univ.
    Can anyone tell what is the good choice: MSc Engg Management or MSc Management, keeping in mind future aspects and value of course.?
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    To paraphrase: "should I apply for MSc Engineering Management or MSc Management at a good university?"

    What kind of answers are you expecting ? I have lots of experience and perhaps advice to offer regarding Engineering Management. Put some effort into your question.

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    Basically the thing is i m confused between these two.? I come from engineering Background and have 2 years of experience. My mind says to pursue Engineering Management but people advise me to go for more conventional Msc Management course as it has global recognition.
    Just wanted to know whether it would be a good choice to go for Engg Management keeping in mind the career prospects, global recognition, reputation of course amongst the employers etc. I hope i am making myself clear now.
    Thanks for your reply.
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    It really depends whether you see yourself working in a technical profession (which has many many possibilities) or would prefer a more broad and hence superficial study of the disciplines offered by a Management MSc. Two years is not a lot of experience but you should have a feel for whether finance & accountancy , business operations or project management or engineering offers the most attraction.

    Why does "Management" have more global recognition than "Engineering Management"? University College London (UCL) does a good Systems Engineering Management course, and Cranfield has a selection of similar technical Masters degrees.

    I'm speaking as an engineering manager of greater than 25 years experience, so obviously I am not impartial. Having spend a few years in investment banking along the way, my advice is not to become fixated on the view that management with a bias toward Economics and Finance (as many of the UK MSc seem to be) is the best way to go.

    To study a subject that contains a quantitative element is important in either case. Look in detail at the course syllabus and try to narrow down your search based on want you _really_ want to achieve, rather than to just get a certificate.

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    Thanks Sir for your valuable comment. I also feel more inclination towards Engineering Management degree.. Economics and accounts, finance does not fascinate me.. This is the reason why i chose to apply for this course. I have got admit from Exeter and Aston. And waiting to hear from BATH, York and Birmingham.. I really want to get into Bath Univ bcoz their course curriculum is very attractive and dey teach subjects i really want to study. So keeping my fingers crossed..
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    Hey there,

    This may seem weird but i didnt find any eng. management course offered in uni of bath and exeter website. id like to do some research on the msc.would mind giving me a link to em. cheers
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    (Original post by maine287)
    Hey there,

    This may seem weird but i didnt find any eng. management course offered in uni of bath and exeter website. id like to do some research on the msc.would mind giving me a link to em. cheers

    there is a course which is offered by Bath school of management- Msc Innovation and Technology Management.. This is quite similar to Engineering Management course. Although different univ have different course names.
    Here is the link:

    Exeter University link to the course:

    I hope it helps.. Cheers
    And please share your feedback..watever research you do.. It will help..


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