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Help pls. I don't know what of my GCSE results I need to work on.

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    English Language: A
    English Literature: A
    Mathematics: A
    Statistics: C (only Set 1's take this as a GCSE in maths.)
    Biology: C (I'm retaking some units in Biology so it should get me up to a B. Same for Chemistry)
    Chemistry: C
    Physics: B
    Religious Studies (half a GCSE): D
    BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Electronics: Distinction (A*/A equivalent and it's worth four GCSEs)
    Business Studies: B

    What do you think I should improve on?
    These are my overalls right now and they're before the May/June national exams so I have a chance of raising them.

    I am an academic and intellectual student but I made the most stupidest mistake of picking a college course, therefore I miss out on other subjects in school such as PE, Art, History or Geography, a modern foreign language and ICT.

    My A-Level picks:
    English Language and Lit (you need a minimum of B in your GCSEs in both)
    Maths(you need a minimum of B)
    Physics(you need a minimum of B)
    Business Studies Double Award
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    Work on your physics, and also biology and chemistry.
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    Maybe your physics and business? It will always be good if you can get those up to an A for A-Level But if not it's not the end of the world, you have the minimum grade anyways Just try if you want to And maybe RE?
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    Personally If I had these grades, I would work on your three Sciences; Bio, Chem and Phys.
    Universities particularly look at your science, England Language and Maths grades, so you should put maximum effort into these subjects. Though I see your Maths and English is pretty good anyway.
    I'd work on Business Studies too..since you need a B to do it at A-level and you need to ensure you don't slip even though you are predicted a B. Also, it would be nice to get an A at least in the subjects you are doing for A-level
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    Try and tackle your Science grades. GCSE Science isn't really very difficult. You just need to memorise a few things and use a bit of logic. 8 1/2 GCSEs also isn't the best thing. Take some more if the school will allow it (a language is often a good choice). I advise you drop the BTEC like a stone. It's just a way of upping the school's league table results and they can't punish you for not doing it.

    EDIT: Also, do Economics rather than Business at A-level. It's a lot broader and much better respected.


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Updated: May 4, 2012
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