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What motivates people to vote Labour?

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    (Original post by belkin17th)
    It is foolish to attack the people that vote solely on the grounds that they are so called 'scroungers' and that they are selfish. like wise it is foolish to say that the tories are a bunch of toffs who don't care about the working class.
    Its true for Labour and not true for Tories.

    The majority of Labour's supporters are losers who havent achieved in life.
    The majority of Tory supporters are not toffs, but the middle class.
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    Some people just want to relax, get benefits and enjoy and also watch our country crumble with all those immigrants (legal and illegal) flood into the country and cause more chaos by taking our jobs and increase racial tension.
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    They vote Labour because they don't understand this:

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    This thread is nearly three years old, so responding to old comments might get confusing for everyone involved. For that reason, I am going to lock it.

    Feel free to start a new thread on this topic, though!
Updated: February 16, 2015
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