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Going to Nando's whilst on a diet, what do you think of my choices? Will it effect me

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    Google it folks, it'll make your lives much easier.
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    There are at least 21 meals in a week. If you mess up one of them, it's not going to kill you.
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    I don't diet but I do try to eat healthily. When I go to nandos I just get 1/4 chicken and corn on the cob. You don't have to eat all 3 courses, I find that normally one course is sufficient enough.
    If you do 'overeat' simply go on a run or something after...
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    Go for the veggie option? I would assume the veggie dishes would automatically be less fattening. They're very nice as well.
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    if you go on the nandos website on the menu im pretty sure last time i looked it had the nutritional info for each meal
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    Just go and live. You might die tomorrow. As long as you aren't gorging out every day you'll be cool.

    Jesus Christ.
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    (Original post by Arturo Bandini)
    don't bother with that frozen yoghurt dessert though, it's no doubt full of sugar but more importantly it tastes like crap

    only noobs have dessert at nandos
    The frozen yogurt has practically no calories since it is no fat yogurt.
    The deserts are pretty lame I agree though. Although I did have carrot cake once and it was quite good.
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    Half a chicken with rice extra hot sauce (for the thermogenic burn.)
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    Definitely go for it. Nothing wrong with a treat every now and then, and one meal is unlikely to have much, if any, real impact on your weight. And denying yourself such things wouldn't be good for you - it'd either lead to a rigid cycle of what's acceptable to eat full stop, or you'd be missing out on social occasions which might leave you feeling a bit left out and is more of a punishment!

    Your choices sound like pretty healthy options. The nandos website does list calories if that helps. I've had one of the salads before with added chicken strips (about 150-200kcals in total) with a side of rice or something...that's probably equal a normal size diet meal, or perhaps only slighty over - nothing to worry about.

    Ultimately diets need to be something that's not really strict and depriving yourself of all the things you enjoy - both in regards to the actual food and the occasions. That's why a lot of diets fail, because basically people want and need certain things! So getting the right balance in your diet and making allowances every now and then is really important for maintaining the diet/preferred weight in the long run
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    (Original post by Violet_apple)
    The frozen yogurt has practically no calories since it is no fat yogurt.
    The deserts are pretty lame I agree though. Although I did have carrot cake once and it was quite good.
    low fat doesn't mean it has no calories..if only it was that easy!
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    (Original post by louthelion)
    low fat doesn't mean it has no calories..if only it was that easy!
    That sugar-overload to compensate.

    I eat pizza and drink beer on a cut, it's no problem.


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Updated: May 20, 2012
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