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What's your favourite font?

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    I like Times New Roman just because it's comfortable on the eyes.
    Second choice would be Edwardian Script because it's very similar to my own handwriting.
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    I used to be into Century Gothic, but that doesn't look good on anything bigger than 10pt.
    Gill Sans Light is a nice one, though my main reason for fondness is that it was used in 2001: A Space Odyssey
    I use Futura a lot on essays now... Actually all those I've mentioned are pretty similar.
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    Arial (:
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    Verdana. Looks professional, easy to read, etc. Fairly sure TSR is set up in Verdana.
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    COMIC SANS MS... love it <3 x
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    I like Cambria - find it more interesting than Calibri etc.
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    hmmm .. i wonder why you hate comic sans? for me its OK. but i prefer tahoma
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    Arial and Times New Roman.
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    There are some awesome ones on here -

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    Arial - simple and not too hard on the eyes
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    Lucida Console is one of my favourite fonts ever because it's Unicode, which means you can do things like that bunny and they look neater. It means every character takes up the same amount of space, periods and colons included.


    Also because of the close association with coding and the command prompt. Just feels pro.
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    what an intriguing and fantabulous question..

    If only more people discussed this..

    *puts on monocle*
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    (Original post by Alexandra's Box)
    There are some awesome ones on here -

    This is awesome! Thank you
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    Helectivia for Sans Serif, and either Times New Roman or Garamond for serif. Oh, and Courier for secretive class, not to mention Wingdings for its craziness.

    I was partly inspired by this, though, which I read a little while ago and the ideas got engrained http://bonfx.com/the-100-best-fonts-...ortable-table/
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    Courier New for portfolio pages.
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    Papryus is nice
    Or Cambria
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    Helvetica, Gill sans & Baskerville


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