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Best things to do when drunk and alone?

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    So tonights that night again. Apart from playing cod and drinking, and some prank calls and maybe internet trolling; what do you do when you are drunk and alone?
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    find a talking cat, make him your best friend, play playstation with him and go to the pub
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    dance around naked
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    I've never gotten drunk alone, but if I ever did, I'd hope that I'd make a one-man Queen tribute band. To anyone who sees me, it'd look like I'm lying on the floor screaming DON'T STOP ME NOW over and over though.
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    (Original post by dongonaeatu)
    So tonights that night again. Apart from playing cod and drinking, and some prank calls and maybe internet trolling; what do you do when you are drunk and alone?
    Wait. So you got drunk by yourself?

    Strong social life

    To answer your question - do pushups and pullups. dat **** cray
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    Talk to Frank.
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    fap fap and even more fapping
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    What I'm doing tonight and most other nights when I get drunk alone:

    listen to tunes on my ipod.
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    Dance the moonwalk. All night long.
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    I've never been drunk alone
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    I don't drink alcoholic beverages and never did.
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    Video yourself re-enacting The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, post it to YouTube and then await emails from casting agencies asking you to be in films.
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    get naked and cover myself in vaseline
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    Don't mess with Mr Booze...
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    Can't really help you much, I don't get drunk on my own. I'm not that sad.

    Just saying what everyone was thinking.
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    Masturbate/sleep or both

    (I've only ever been drunk by myself when I've come home from a party and this is what I tend to do...)
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    (Original post by Misslassenza)
    I don't drink alcoholic beverages and never did.
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    Sober up?


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Updated: July 7, 2015
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