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Gaming mouse

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    So, my beloved Logitech G5's right mouse button has started frigging up on me. It's not unusable yet, but definitely getting towards 'start saving for a new mouse' time.

    Has anyone got any favourites? Price is a factor, but I haven't thought of a specific budget yet (if the ultimate ever mouse comes along, I might be happy to save a bit longer for it). Other factors are: a scroll wheel that isn't known for having problems; only the fly dpi switching; wired only, please. My hands aren't unusually large or small.

    I also need a new keyboard but am much less eager to spend money on a proper gaming one. If anyone can vouch for a really cheap one that's still worth getting, let me know.

    Regarding keyboards... I've been using this for a number of years. I like it because its small, compact, and who needs fancy displays & macros on a keyboard anyway?

    If you are fine spending £50 - £60 then check out the Steelseries range:

    These have been rated very highly:

    Steelseries Xai
    Steelseries Ikari( Laser and optical version)
    Steelseries Kinzu (£20 - £25)

    They are two of the most preferred mice by professional gamers

    The Logitech MX518 is one of the best gaming mice out there:
    It is used by many professional gamers and it is also inexpensive!

    Here are a few others:

    Logitech G9x (Better suited for users that prefer to use a finger grip i.e. not great for palming it)

    Logitech G500 (Good all-rounder)

    If you are on a low budget the MX518 seems your best bet.

    If you are willing to spend, then the Steelseries ones are great - they have their subtle differences so its best to read reviews to see which would be better suited for you.

    Regarding the keyboard - dont bother with a "gaming" keyboard because there is no such thing. Adding the word "gaming" to a keyboard with a few show-off features and fancy light carries an unnecessarily high price tag.

    The only "gaming" keyboards would be mechanical keyboards however they are very pricey.

    I personally game quite often and I use one of those stock HP keyboards - in my opinion they are fantastic as they deliver what they are supposed to.
    I personally prefer a full sized keyboard so that the keys are normal size (makes gaming easier) - also I prefer a full sized shift, return and space-bar, but that's just me

    the steelseries xai is FANTASTIC! though if you've got small hands it might not be for you. I've used the dell multimedia keyboard: this 'yin, tried an ms sidewinder x6 gaming board but it's started to break after about 3 months of use!

    As for the gaming mouse, like the others said the Steelseries Xai or Sensei.

    Ever since I've bought a mechanical keyboard, I can't see on going back, so I would recommend a DAS keyboard or the Razer Blackwidow. Although my Razer Blackwidow keyboard died after water spillage.

    Edit: I guess if you need a cheap keyboard any full size Logitech keyboard will be fine.
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    Thanks, guys. I quite like the look of the Steelseries Ikari. It looks like a similar shape to the G5 I have at the moment, so hopefully that means I'd feel pretty comfortable with it from the off.

    I'm gonna see how much money I have, and if I can't afford it I'll probably just get an MX518 or G500, as I've used other people's ones and they seem decent enough.

    In terms of keyboards - yeah, I wish I could afford a Das Keyboard! It looks like I'll just be sticking with a regular cheapo full-sized one for now.

    I just received Roccat Kova+

    Too bad 1) The orange LED colour doesn't work and 2) The mouse keeps cutting out every 60 or so seconds. Gotta return it. it's a shame though because it's one of the few mouses that fit my hand perfectly.
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    (Original post by IGX_RSV2)
    I just received Roccat Kova+

    Too bad 1) The orange LED colour doesn't work and 2) The mouse keeps cutting out every 60 or so seconds. Gotta return it. it's a shame though because it's one of the few mouses that fit my hand perfectly.
    Ugh, what a hassle

    I've got a fancy MX revolution.

    Pretty nice.

    Gaming keyboards are a marketing gimmick, please don't fall for it.

    I have a logitech G500 and can recommend it

    Spend the keyboard cash on a steelseries mousepad. Keyboards don't feature anywhere in gaming performance.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the best company (or at least in my opinion) Razer.

    I have a Razer Lachesis 1st Generation which has 9 buttons and 4000DPi it is amazing, I paid £65 for it but this was over 5 years ago and it still holds up incredibly well compared to new mice being released. I always use it on 4000DPi as it means I can move from one side of my right screen to the other side on my left screen (I have 2 screens) by just moving a few centimetres. If I'm playing something like Battlefield 3 with a sniper I change the sensitivity all the way down to 100DPi (Lower than some normal mice) so then I can get perfect headshots. It has on the fly DPi switching which is incredibly useful even my sister knows how to use it. I would recommend Razer and they were the best mouse manufacturer and still are in my opinion, not used any of their other mice but if mine ever dies I will most definitely replace it with a Razer.

    As for a keyboard, they are a bit gimmicky the only advantage is anti-ghosting but if you get a PS2 keyboard, then there is no concept of ghosting, it is only on USB ones. But I agree with RyanT and get a decent mouse mat again I have a Razer one and it works really well and my mouse tracks perfectly on it and it simply glides across without damaging the feet.


    Mouse - £20. DPi up to 2000, on the fly changeable. Two buttons on the side, comes with its own software for macros that you can tailor for for each game individually, up to 30g of weights, 3 sets of changeable feet for different surface. wire holder. Microsoft sidewinder 2000.
    For the price its really good, cool looking red lights on the back and an LCD screen on the side!

    As for keyboards avoid the Razer arctosa. Its bloody horrible, black on black keys make it a ***** to type on even with light on the keyboard directly. Feels and sounds cheap. White LED's are absolutely blinding. Media buttons are hard to see and press.

    Lost all respect for razer after this keyboard and their headset, the carcharias.


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