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AS Mathematics Stationary Checklist

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    Tomorrow I plan on going out and stocking up on everything I need for my Mathematics exams. Any recommendations?

    List so far is...
    Highlighters/Coloring Pencils (Sometimes aids with clarity when outlining my answers)

    Thank you very much and good luck with your examinations
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    I would assume the equipment required is no different to any other maths exams? And I never understood why people went out and bought a bunch of new stuff for exams. Surely you have all those things at home already?

    Anyway, enough of cynical me! Haha. Your list looks about right! I never used a compass or protractor in AS maths but your syllabus might be different to what mine was. Just make sure you calculator is a fancy, scientific one. Good luck!!
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    Jesus, I turned up to my Higher Maths exam with a single pen and nothing else, I think I need to be more organised.
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    Woah. The only things i have ever used for a maths exam are as follows:

    1. Pen
    2. Calculator
    3. Pencil (for sketching)

    You don't need a compass/protractor/highlighter (won't show up anyways if it's a light colour)/ruler/colouring pencils.
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    (Original post by Dreamweaver)
    Woah. The only things i have ever used for a maths exam are as follows:

    1. Pen
    2. Calculator
    3. Pencil (for sketching)

    You don't need a compass/protractor/highlighter (won't show up anyways if it's a light colour)/ruler/colouring pencils.

    I was thinking more of a compass as use of drawing Loci in a complex plane
    Perhaps a protractor isn't entirely necessary, since I haven't had any use with it this year (but sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry)
    Highlights/coloring pencils are more of a way to help me notice which paths/routes etc. I've already taken in Decision maths exams
    Ruler's are generally useful I think, because again, you may be asked to sketch things and also helps with drawing tables etc.
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    (Original post by BobGreggary)
    Any recommendations?
    For my Maths A-level, my stationary set consisted of black pens and a calculator. Now I'm at uni, my stationary set consists only of black pens (though I do sometimes go a bit wild and use blue, red or green pen here and there to annotate things).

    The only real benefit of having a ruler is to make things look neater, but you can do things neatly enough without it. Protractors and compasses are completely redundant in A-level Maths -- they'll just create clutter, so I wouldn't bother with them. As for pencils, rubber and sharpener, I don't think they'll be much use since you need to write in pen for your exams, but if you want them for working with beforehand then fair enough. Same goes for highlighters.
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    I like to underline my answers


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Updated: May 5, 2012
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