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Why do you dislike Justin Bieber?

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    its apparant that many people on TSR have some sort of vendetta against Justin Bieber. My question is why is there so much hate?
    Apart from the silly "hes gay", "hes a girl", "he needs to grow balls" comments, what other reason do people have for hating him so much?!
    If you dont like him then why do you watch his music videos, jump on every JB related thread and just spam your stupid comments..

    ps. neg away but dont just run off afterwards, give a reason too
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    That voice. I just cannot stand that high pitched wail he emits every time he opens his mouth
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    I've said this before, the reason people hate Justin Bieber is because of the fans. At least personally anyway. I don't like his music, like i dont like other artists music, but I doesn't meant I hate them.

    I hate Bieber, like many others before me because of the overzealous, borderline psychotic fans that never shut up.

    They have the power to make some crap tweet trend Worldwide on Twitter, to break video viewing records on Youtube, and instead of using this power to occasionally re-tweet something worthwile, raise awareness of an important issue or something charity based, they persist on tweeting **** like "Justin is perfect, he is our god"
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    Baby, baby oooh.

    Those aren't lyrics, those are the things that a person would say if they were in a maternity ward and had mental problems.
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    Miracle Day- I summon you.
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    (Original post by xxm)
    Miracle Day- I summon you.

    Right, basically he's a nice enough lad it seems, very charitable, understands the importance of "star power" etc. But his music is utter crap.

    I will never understand people that say they want to kill him etc, I do not wish death upon anyone, it goes too far.

    His producers and record label will decide what he puts out at the end of the day unfortunately, because if the fans don't like it then it won't sell, and therefore if he even attempts to completely change direction the producers will pick up on it and get worried that he'll lose fans / momentum and therefore they won't make as much money.

    Such is the way with EVERY top 40 artist out there I'm afraid, live with it and go find better music buried amongst the pile of crap.
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    Because like 99% of chart music, his music is crap.
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    Because his music bores the living crap out of me.
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    Because he's betraying all lesbians by not just revealing himself as a girl and standing up for LGBT rights!
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    Fair play to the boy, he put his songs on Youtube, and it paid off nicely for him. However, his music is complete and utter chicken feed. It's not one of those ones where some people like it, and some don't. It's not an acquired taste. The only people who like him are 12 - 15 year old girls. His voice irritates me (and everyone else) to no end, and above all else, he represents the death of music in general.
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    He has never in his life said anything that makes him sound like anything other than a massive dick.
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    I don't like or dislike, I only hate his stupid fans.

    The only annoying thing about him is that he has wasted his talent on playing crappy pop music. It's not even good pop music.
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    (Original post by xxm)
    Miracle Day- I summon you.
    A wild Miracle Day appears
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    I hated all of his songs because of his high pitched voice.

    However, his latest song called boyfriend is not that bad.. I like it.

    I think they edited his voice blatantly.
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    ****e music, ****e lyrics and incredibly annoying fans.

    Although I agree that it's ridiculous that haters just spam his YouTube videos etc. I just don't pay any attention to him, don't listen to his music or read story's about him on the Internet. And he causes me no greif because of this.
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    A wild Miracle Day appears
    Are we in the safari zone? can I throw rocks at it?

    Anyways - His fans appear to be ****ing psychos (which is much the same reason as I dislike Wand Erection and others) and the music is definitely not for me.
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    Because he get's more girls than me :sad:
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    People should remember that his first album was recorded pre-puberty, if they listen to his recent live performances and new single, his voice has changed and he no longer 'sounds like a girl'
    I'm a big fan but nothing like the ones that are usually referenced :rolleyes:
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    I dislike him and other similar artists that facilitate and encourage the blind admiration and worship of a large number of 8-14 year old girls. It seems to take any ounce of reason or critical thinking out of them and when a normal person puts a well thought-out argument to them, they seem to be unable to act like pleasant human beings and rather just lay in to them with catty, childish abuse.

    ...I can only wonder what these people will think, when they look back at their lives in ten years time and realise everything they've missed out on, including relationship with normal, down-to-earth people.

    What annoys me about Beebs is that he bases his success on this. Without it he would be nowhere near where he is today. He doesn't need to work hard any more; his brainwashed fandom will take whatever he gives them.

    He's a very talented guy I'll give him that.
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    (Original post by Akkuz)
    Because he get's more girls than me :sad:
    What 12 year olds? :lolwut:


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