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Should prostitution be allowed in the UK?

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    Countries like Netherlands, Germany and Thailand seem to get along with it. They also seem very respectable places, I really cannot see what the big deal would be? People say its already allowed, but I mean red district places in the city's
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    Prostitution is allowed.

    Solicitation on street corners or pimping is not afaik.
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    Dude it IS allowed... its technically never been banned, curb crawling or brothels with more than one girl in are illegal though. i mean did you really think those disgusting cards in phone-boxes only offered talk? LOL

    And on your point about "red light districts" they already exist... i live in central London 10mins away from Soho and if that isnt one then god only knows what is. what we dont do in this country (yet) is display women in window sills flashing their goods... thats probably what you where thinking of when you thought red light district? Keep dreaming that would never happen


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Updated: May 5, 2012
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