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If EVERY animal in the world turned against us, could we survive?

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    Don't be ridiculous

    A cat could probably take over the world single-handedly.
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    :woo: real life zombies just without the zombies and in with angry animals

    We'd lose but the fun is in the game
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    We know how to use guns, I know polar bears are pretty big and all, but we got this.
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    Should I go down stairs and kill my cats and its 3 kittens just encase?

    EDIT: OMG i was 'kitten' on I love em

    see what I did there?
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    I'd feel bad for America and Japan....Bears everywhere and don't get me started on Africa

    As for the UK Big Dogs and I hear that a few Big Cats roam the countryside but I think we would survive
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    I think I'll put an extra padlock on my pets' cages just incase.

    Wouldn't like the thought of waking up to be greeted with this..

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    how about fighting this!!!!
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    I think everyone is forgetting ants, wasps and bees.
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    Ever seen The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock?
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    (Original post by 0906079)
    This was posted on another forum but I wanted to see what the Sheldons of TSR thought.

    If every animal in the world, including bugs, tried to wipe out the human race, would we have any chance of survival?
    The insects would absolutely destroy us.

    "some scientists estimate that for ever human alive today there are 200 million insects"

    "At any time, it is estimated that there are some 10 quintillion (10000000000000000000) individual insects alive"

    Imagine being attacked by 200000000 ants at once.

    But then we could take them all out, and ourselves, by launching a bunch of nukes.
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    Could we 'survive'? For a while, maybe, but not after some time. Even if humans defeated every single species apart from themselves, it would mean that humans would be the only species left on the planet- and we all know how important biodiversity is for our own sake, too. I mean, people don't just fret over sparrows getting extinct for no reason. Every species in existence? Not a good scenario.

    Do viruses count as 'animals'? Because if they do... well, so far nobody can win a battle against AIDS.
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    Might as well kill ourselves now if we have to fight the legendary honey badger...
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    (Original post by Belowski)
    100% animal victory guaranteed.

    Think about it. They vastly outnumber us, and have infiltrated every part of our society. If they ever turned on us we would be finished. First of all, there are millions of dogs in households, many of them barely contained killing machines. If they went berserk, they could easily kill at least several million. Birds could easily ground all air traffic by flying into plane engines and helicopter rotors, killing millions more. Then think about the damage that could be done by focused attacks of insect hordes, targeting our crops and causing widespread famine. Furthermore, insects that carry diseases such as ticks and mosquitoes would potentially decimate the population via biological warfare. Same with rats, squirrels, and rabbits that are rampant in urban and suburban areas. These same beasts could also knock out the power grid and our electronic communications and internet by chewing through cables and destroying sensitive components. In rural and isolated areas, large predators such as bears and wolves could overrun the sparse human populace, utilizing a blitzkrieg of bold night time raids. Vast herds of cattle would stampede through our defences, pulverizing anyone who opposed them beneath bloody hooves.

    Yep, I think it's fair to say... animals kick ASS!
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    Not if they get us first!
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    (Original post by 0906079)
    This was posted on another forum but I wanted to see what the Sheldons of TSR thought.

    If every animal in the world, including bugs, tried to wipe out the human race, would we have any chance of survival?
    We would have no hope if they worked together - if you were bitten by a seal ( in normal circumstances) it take something like 5 years of antibiotics to survive due to the high level of viruses in their mouths, if you combines that with malaria from mosquitoes, weils disease from rats and probably a bit of plague, I think we would be goners.
    Then of course there are the so called good bacteria and creatures that live in or on our bodies, the lice that live in and clean our eyelashes without which we would go blind.
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    hahaha, no, I don't think we'd stand a chance.
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    (Original post by DontWantYourBloodMoney)
    If every other species turned against us then we would be screwed. If it was just animals, I think we could cope, but the birds and especially insects would have us for breakfast, lunch and possibly hors d'oeuvre.
    Bird and insects are animals, all species are.
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    "One Cat. One Gun" - The story of how the human race ended.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cat-tax-cat-with-gun-looking-out-window-760030.jpg 
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    Insects alone could obliterate the human population.
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    One word ... ANTS


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