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Higher Philosophy AE marks

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    Hey people, I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me how AE marks are given in a philosophy 20 or 30 mark question. I can usually get a pretty good mark in the KU but i pretty much bomb the AE section. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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    they are essentially the marks for stating criticisms when dealing with the 20 mark epistemology questions - applying your knowledge to the question specified rather than just stating what you know from the course about the subject of the question

    for the 30 mark moral philosophy question its for applying the hedonic calculus/categorical imperative to the dilemma given, and making judgments on the question as a Utilitarian/Kantian

    so basically its for given a correct knowledge based opinion on the actual question
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    Thank you do you have any predictions about whats going to be in it? I'm hedging that the large marker in moral is either going to be a kantianism question or a mixed one with utilitarianism. For epi in descartes i think maybe questions on god/meditation 6. in the general epi I think tripartite theory and for metaphysics if you are doing god probably the ontological argument? what do you think?
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    Last two yeears have been cosmological so chances are good it won't be that this year aye?
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    yeah thats what i was thinking, what do you think for the rest?
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    I would say that metaphysics will be teleological since they haven't asked that since 2007
    Moral phils - HOPEFULLY KANT 30 MARKS!!! Like a Kantian one with a moral dilemma
    Epistemology - not a clue
    Critical thinking - hopefully easy stuff
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    thank **** thats done
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    oh hell yeah, I messed up on the 4 marks for contradiction in conception & will at the end and the 16 marker on leading to the cogito could have went better as a lot of my criticisms was for the cogito itself, but i still criticised a lot of meditation 1 like you were supposed to
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    what was the contradiction in conception bit about? Never seen it before in my life
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    (Original post by AlGreen)
    what was the contradiction in conception bit about? Never seen it before in my life
    The contradiction in conception is part of the Universal Law Formulation of the Categorical Imperative. It tests whether the maxim is logical and if it makes sense. The contradiction in the will tests to see if any rational person would actually carry out the maxim.
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    How did you guys find the exam? I thought it was not too bad, metaphysics was great, ontological is good because the markers won't be as familiar with it, but I thought epistemology was awful :/ Really just hope i've managed to pass every section..!
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    I take it you did Hume for Epistemology? I found the Descartes questions really simple
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    What a brilliant paper that was critical thinking wasn't too bad, metaphysics was decent, most of epistemology was great apart from the Descartes 16 m one which just puzzled me. Utilitarianism didn't even give a moral dilemma which was another great thing and apart from the contradictions, even Kant weaknesses was easy. Hopefully my answers are detailed enough for an A!!


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