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most unrealistic storylines ever on TV?

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    what would you say the most unrealistic storyline or the most out of character storyline you ever seen on TV
    mine would have to be Series 6 epsiode 6 on Waterloo Road , the whole drug plot between Amy, Sam and Lauren , i mean why would Amy and Lauren be into drugs in the first place and would Lauren really do that to her best friend for a couple of years for a girl who shes only just started being friends with
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    waterloo road, dem takin the kids away to scotland
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    Hamsterdam in The Wire was ridiculous.
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    lets get this thread up and running again.
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    Anything on TOWIE.
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    I think that The Bill had some unrealistic stories back in the day... completely out of touch with daily reality of police officers.

    Like subsequent Sun Hill bombings for example
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    A few of the stuff on Glee. For one, Will getting hired as the Spanish teacher without knowing any Spanish at all.

    I should stop mentioning Glee in these topics O_o
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    Home & Away - for around 5 years the Sutherlands were in every single situation possible - mudslides, falling through an outdoor shrine, the twins
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    I will never forget the stupid storyline on Eastenders at Christmas when Massod was choking from the smoke and he was dragged into the living room instead of OUTSIDE and then he sits down on the the table drinking a cup of water like nothing has happened yet everyone else is outside and were meant to go to the pub. So he couldn't have gone to the pub and drink water there :lolwut: :facepalm: :facepalm2:
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    Any of the big trashy american TV shows like 90210, Gossip Girl, One tree Hill etc. From what I've seen someone seems to get shot, cheated on, pregnant, assulted, hooked on drugs etc every five minutes. Not to mention their weird preference for only dating within the narrow confines of a 6-10 person friendship group. It's not only unrealistic and a bit weird, its also depressing that script writers give their audience so little credit in terms of how many characters they can handle and even more depressing that the masses lap it up so readily -.-
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    Stuff like Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.
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    the icing on this ****-cake is that ****ing leather jacket. ridiculous.
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    Phil Mitchell coming off crack in a world record time of a week.
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    Indian Dramas (ALL OF THEM)

    The only place where you can die and come back to life.
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    (Original post by MagneticMeteor)
    I think that The Bill had some unrealistic stories back in the day... completely out of touch with daily reality of police officers.

    Like subsequent Sun Hill bombings for example
    Police station got petrol bombed last August in Nottingham didn't it.
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    A gay religious Muslim. Eastenders.

    Ian Beale and his 21 wives. Eastenders.

    Robbing a baby. Eastenders

    Going crazy over a baby (Mad May) Eastenders.
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    On Eastenders when Lucas killed Trina, killed Owen, buried Owen under Trina's memorial tree, killed the dog, tells Denise everything then kills a prostitute that looks like Denise and makes it look like Denise committed suicide, then locked Denise up in the abandonned house next door and turned super crazy religious/insane on her. Then he lets her go, then tries to take everyone hostage, gets arrested and goes crazy/religious again in prison.

    Had to wiki it just to make sure I remembered it all.

    Tbh, most of the stuff on Eastenders is a load of rubbish.
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    the whole plot
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    Fiz's storyline and her husband/serial-killer John. He steals some guy's identity then the guy dies or something then he kills someone else and someone gets buried under an underwear factory. Then there's a tram crash and then he decides to befriend the mum of the man who's identity he stole. After a bunch of creepy scenes he kills her and then a bunch of other bat-**** crazy stuff happens and I think he commits suicide or something.

    Oh and Desperate Housewives was a bit ridiculous with the tornadoes and regular murders and plane crash but it was meant to be like that and I think it was self-satirising so it's all good.
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    Everything that has ever been done on Waterloo road.


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