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Planning Man v Food tour in USA for next summer - help would be awesome!

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    (Original post by blueray)
    How much poison do you need to die?
    I will only take it once on holiday... surely that must mean I wont die?

    So many uneducated people on this forum, it's unbelievable.

    You haven't even got past your GCSE's yet, so before you tell older people off, i suggest you look at yourself first kid.
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    (Original post by jeh_jeh)
    Spirit seems to be pretty good for domestic US flights.

    Also, Man v. Food. :love:
    Ahhh thank you! That's going to be our main hurdle, I think - the cost of flights!

    (Original post by Colbert)
    Tried this last year but only made it to 9 places :sigh: Every single one was incredible though.

    The problem we found is that a lot of places aren't in city centres so unless you have a car it's quite difficult. But with the sheer amount of places to choose from you should be able to tickle your tastebuds to a ridiculous degree :yum:

    JetBlue for internal flights, great prices and all you can eat snacks are perfect for your trip :teehee:
    Oh no! They make them look so accessible, boooo. Although you do see those people who are like, "we drove an hour for these ribs"
    What places did you visit?

    And thank you also for the flight recommendations!

    (Original post by Cll_ws)
    That sounds awesome!

    As for planning the trip itself, considering you're sticking to the east coast i'd say to look for flights to NY as they're usually cheapest.
    Then most places along the east coast are reasonably close to each other (within a few hours) so you could travel by train or bus, for trains try Amtrak, or if you're travelling around the area between New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia, then the NJ transit website would be better for that as Amtrak sticks mostly to major cities, where as NJ transit is more for local area trains.
    As for bus, try Megabus, which I think only runs on the east coast, although I might be wrong. Or Greyhound. I think you can buy passes with these companies that will allow you unlimited travel for a certain period of time.

    Good luck with it!
    Thank you!! I've heard such horror stories about the US Greyhound haha, but I've used the UK one loads of times and it's been brilliant, and apparently it's crazily cheap over there?!

    And for the person who's telling me to avoid, we're only going for three weeks, and only down the East Coast, so I don't think we'd make it to many!
    Plus I'm such a weakass, it'll be my boyfriend who tries the challenges! :rolleyes: (Although I might take on a rib challenge... Carolina riiiiibs! )

    Thanks for all the input!
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    (Original post by coffeepirate)
    Thank you!! I've heard such horror stories about the US Greyhound haha, but I've used the UK one loads of times and it's been brilliant, and apparently it's crazily cheap over there?!
    The coach companies are incredibly cheap yeah, but as you said they've had their fair share of bad press, delays are quite frequent from what I gather, but I guess it's a case of you get what you pay for! If you book an early morning one just to make sure you're not stuck waiting around at night if it is late, and if getting to your destination dead on time isn't too important, then you could take advantage of the cheap fares!

    I think Bolt buses might be a little more reliable than megabus or greyhound, although they don't go to as many places, I think they only go between NY, Philadelphia, DC, Boston and Baltimore in terms of major cities, plus a few other places. And I think they might cost a little more, but they're still pretty cheap for what you're getting!

    If you're looking for a bit more reliability, not total reliability but maybe a little more so , then maybe just pay a little extra and stick to trains
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    If you want to get some user reviews and suggestions on restaurants, try or You can search near the location you are wanting to go to. If you want to get across the country cheap, try Green Tortoise - I just did a trek across america and it was a fab way to travel. They provide food, though so that might not be in your plan.
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    If you change your mind and decide to go to the West Coast, think about renting a camper with Wicked would get you to the out of city places and it's pretty much the only affordable way to hire any sort of vehicle in the US before you're 25! I think they've only started in North America fairly recently, but are really established in Australia and NZ, and they have a UK branch too.
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    (Original post by coffeepirate)
    Basically, my boyfriend and I have become completely hooked on the show Man v Food recently (if you haven't seen it, it's on Dave or most food / travel networks and it is awesome), and we've had this idea that we'd like to visit some of the places Adam visited and try some of the challenges, after I officially finally graduate next summer

    We settled on an East coast tour because although we wanted to go to places like Texas and Colarado, we didn't want to over complicate it. Has anyone ever done an American cross country before? We're a bit bemused as to where to start planning - especially where flights are concerned!

    Any tips?
    Great places to eat in NYC
    Lombardi's Pizza (first pizzeria in America)
    Sevilla Restaurant & Bar (Amazing Spanish food...have a paella and feel like you've died and gone to heaven! If you're over 21, also try their sangria. It's quite expensive, though)
    Carnegie Deli (amazing cheesecake...huge slices so you'll need to split a piece!)
    Grand Central Oyster Bar (great clam chowder and pretty much anything else. and it's in grand central station!)
    Those four really stick out. Went to an amazing greek place too, but I can't remember the name of it.

    All of these places are very busy, so make sure to get there in plenty of time or you'll spend a long time waiting!
  7. Online

    (Original post by blueray)
    How much poison do you need to die?
    I will only take it once on holiday... surely that must mean I wont die?

    So many uneducated people on this forum, it's unbelievable.
    The irony, it burns.


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Updated: May 7, 2012
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