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Does your sex affect your goals?

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    I'm not getting any.
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    Age bracket: (<15) (15<18) (18<23) (23<27) (27+)
    Sex: Male/Female
    Ten words to describe yourself: outgoing, hopeful, home-loving, excitable, sensitive, thoughtful, easily-panicked, I like to think I'm a caring person aaaand I can't think of any more so 8 will have to do sorry.
    Describe how you see yourself in ten years: Career-wise I'm not sure, I'll probably be married by then, potentially children, looking at going back to university to retrain a few years down the line and maybe working as a bilingual print journalist

    Hope that's ok
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    A word of advice: you should change the options to (15-18)(19-23) etc. as someone who is e.g. 18 can pick one of two options with the way it is atm.

    Me: 18-23
    Sexy, hench, good looking, muscular, clever, funny, generous, brilliant, modest.

    In ten years: probably working in a lab somewhere
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    Definitely a difference. I always wanted to be a midwife, but they just said I was a pervert.
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    Age bracket: (15<18)
    Sex: Male
    Ten words to describe yourself: Teenager who is doing GCSEs, and likes films, fifa, and food.
    Describe how you see yourself in ten years: A qualified solicitor/barrister at the beginning of a (hopefully) long and fruitful career
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    This is going to get a lot of silly answers.
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    What if sex IS your goal?
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    Age bracket: (18<23)
    Sex: Male
    Ten words to describe yourself: Smart, witty, caring, thoughtful, silly sometimes, hardworking?, interesting, optimistic for the future.
    Describe how you see yourself in ten years: Hopefully, working at a major IT company like Google, Microsoft or IBM as a programmer.
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    If sex affects goals, then clearly Papiss Cissé has been getting a lot of action lately.
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    Age: 18-23

    Sex: Female

    Ten words: Honest, ambitious, creative, conscientious, perfectionist, passionate, complex, odd, enthusiastic, perceptive

    How I see myself in 10 years: Married to the guy I'm currently with, contemplating children or may already be pregnant, working as a self-employed Dance Movement Therapist [DMT] and loving it (or working for the NHS or something as a DMT, but I think I would prefer to be self-employed as I would enjoy the flexibility) and possibly still doing self-employed facepainting on the side, decent house (but I want to plan a grand design type thing, might be just thinking about that in 10 years, not starting it).
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    It only affects which holes I try to score in.

    There, I went there. Someone was going to.
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    Not really
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    (Original post by Play-A-Record!)
    I'm not getting any.
    Well I guess you need more sex then, it will give you the self-esteem boost for maximum efficiency on the field lol.


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