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    The green album lay tucked
    In the chest of drawers under
    Some knitting patterns and
    A seed catalogue;
    She picked it up and
    Opened the first page;
    A stamp fluttered out
    And landed face down
    On the carpet by her shoe
    Stooping she scooped up
    The little rectangle with
    The grey paper hinge still
    Attached ~ butterfly she
    Remembered, she had
    Bought him packets of
    Butterfly brand hinges;
    A tear rolled down her
    Wrinkled cheek as the
    Memories of her son
    Flooded back ~ the
    Concentration as he
    Arranged his collection
    Into themes and categories
    And his delight when she
    Bought him a new batch from
    The shop in town ~ no internet
    In those days of course;
    Sighing she turned the stamp
    Over and looked at the front;
    A picture of Concorde against
    A green sky; he had been so
    Excited when the plane had
    Flown past his school ~ all
    Gone now, the planes scrapped
    The school closed and her son
    Well he was still alive but
    Trapped in his autistic
    Half life still trying to
    Please her with his
    Polite helpfulness
    Childlike at fifty;
    She noticed that the
    Stamp was unused and
    Without hesitating licked
    The back and stuck it into
    The album upside down
    And smiled to herself

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Updated: May 6, 2012
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