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UCAS Application

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    When filling out your ucas application, out of the two what would be a more recommended option to go for, either work experience or voluntary work.

    Looking for either the two is a real pain, but narrowing the search when enquiring would be a little easier.

    However not too sure which one is more highly looked at.
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    Depends on what subject you are doing. Eg social sciences probably need work in that specific field, science is more broad. What subject are you doing?
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    You don't need either to get offers (except medicine). The extent that they help depends on the course and university. Some unis don't care at all about voluntary work while others might. Work experience, especially in a related field will be more valuble than volutary work in general.
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    Well im looking into Dentistry and medicine. While having backup course of Pharmacy or pharmacology.

    However i do work at boots on the part time so maybe uni's could take that into consideration as well.

    I've looked into work experience abroad ie. canada but been told about needing a work permit :/
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    They're not really two separate things as you've put. Voluntary work can be work experience - in which case, great! Or you could be volunteering at a railway which has nothing to do with your application and is something people would do as fun.

    But either way, you shouldn't rule out one or the other. Both are exceptionally hard to get, so just apply for everything and see what happens.
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    Oh right, yeah i've been trying for a placement since early march and still haven't any luck. No dental practices seem to be enrolling that many candidates for work experience and finding a place for volunteering is just as hard.
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    Well, can you apply to a wider area? Maybe if you got a part time job and earnt money you'd be able to do a week somewhere else and stay in a cheap BandB - hell, even go camping! Or you might have friends or relatives you can stay with. You'll also be able to put your part time job in your application for work experience, which will make you look more trustworthy as you've managed to hold down a job.
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    i'll defiantly bare that in mind, also when it comes to writing your personal statement, what are the main key things that should be inside to sell yourself to uni's??
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    Read this
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    Thanks a Million!!


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