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VET NURSING - help please?

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    I really want to enroll as a student veterinary nurse for L3 Diploma (part time) in September in Aldershot (MYF Training). I already emailed them to check if I have all qualifications required and I do now, they also sent me more info about the course. BUT there are still something unclear to me, hope some Vet nurses could help.

    I am living in Croydon now, but I'm planning to move to Aldershot during the summer. Problem is - I'm not sure WHEN is the latest time I should move there?? To be able to get employed in an approved practice (TP) and be able to enroll. I would move already, but I have a part time job here, saving up at the moment, but not having enough to pay for my own accommodation yet. Or do some bigger Practices offer cheap accommodation?
    Also, I've been trying to get some unpaid work experience in local practices, gonna ask even in kennels etc. But in case I didn't find anything before moving, how big is my chance of getting a place at TP? (I have had many pets, and worked with horses for over 10 years, but no Vet practice experience so far)

    Thank you for any help!

    errrmmm. hate to break it to ya, but if you havent got a TP place by now then you're pretty much hoping on a miracle if you want to get one for sept.

    hens' teeth and rocking horse poo come to mind ;-)

    you're probably best spending the next 9 months working, getting some money, and applying for a TP post next spring time at the latest. they really do fill up. Get as much voluntary as you can. it's unlikely that you'll get a training post without any previous voluntary, simply because other candidates will have experience, and the practice will pick them. sorry matey, i know it sounds harsh, but at least it gives you chance to do a bit more research into it

    you may have some problems finding a TP that will take you on for this coming september, as many like to keep you there for a year in order to make sure that they are investing in the right person as training costs time and money for the practice. you definitely need to get some work experience in vet practice because you will be competing against others with much experience.
    good luck with it all
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    Okay, thank you both! I was aware of this, just hoped that I might still have a chance, but you might be actually right, it's annoying thou Oh well, I'm going to phone them up anyway, if it doesn't work out in September, I will try in spring

    definitely dont give up on it. but start looking for student vet nurse vacancies as soon as possible! are you on vetnurse.co.uk ? it's worth getting a login for that as they have job postings, and also they're a great community who can support you through your training too xxx
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    Cool, thank you very much


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