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PGCE Application - referee issue

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    Newbie first post.

    I graduated 8 years ago, but after having a child, I'm about to be forced out of my job, so have decided to put in a late application to do a PGCE. (I was planning on doing this in a few years time when my son is at school, so it's not a sudden change of career plan!).

    My 2 employers for the last 8 years have a policy of no personal references, and my uni tutor wouldn't remember me!

    The only person I could think of is a teacher from school who I kept in touch with, and he'd be a brilliant referee BUT... he's on holiday for 2 weeks!

    My 2nd referee is OK, but I really don't want him as a principal referee.

    SO, do I take a gamble on a place still being available and wait the 2 weeks (it's to do physics and/or maths), or do I rack my brains and try and find someone else, who won't be able to write such a good reference?

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    When you say a teacher from school, usually a professional reference must have known you in a professional capacity for at least 6 months, in the past 1-2 years.
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    can a colleague provide a reference if your boss wont? very strange for a workplace not to provide a reference!
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    (Original post by jennyjuniper)
    can a colleague provide a reference if your boss wont? very strange for a workplace not to provide a reference!
    It is strange, but it's company policy for both (large) companies that I've worked for. Very annoying!

    I asked my boss from my previous job when I applied for another job, and was told that as much as he'd like to, only HR can supply references. Also, the reference only states my name, how long I've worked there, and what my job title is!

    (plus I can't really ask my current employer, as I don't want them knowing that I might be leaving, otherwise they'll make my life even harder!)

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    What's the point in only HR being able to provide references?! It's not liek they know you at all!


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