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Francois Hollande elected as new French president

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    (Original post by alex5455)
    Congratulations to the people of france, best decisions you could have made, now just the UK and Germany to sort out
    Germany?! Never ... I mean, Steinbrück is quite okay but Steinmeier and Gabriel are complete jokes. Helmut Schmidt for Bundeskanzler!
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    Serves Sarkozy right for trying to suck up to the far right and garner their votes, all a bit desperate of him really.

    This certainly makes the picture in Europe interesting with Hollande getting elected and a left wing/centrist coalition elected in Greece with both eing anti austerity could all get very interesting
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    I wonder how long it would be before sarkozy's supermodel wife leaves him.
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    lmao. Welcome to a socialist hell France.
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    (Original post by In2deep)
    Pandering to the extreme far-right and heightening ethnic and religious tensions doesn't get you anywhere and shows what a narcissistic opportunists Sarkozy was. We haven't seen the last of him, I'm sure we'll hear more about his corrupt tenure in the months to come.
    Actually it does, you just look towards Hitler for that. At the end of the day, at leats 20% of France are against immigration (see Le Pen's results)
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    One really interesting this is Hollande has proposed to have a 75% tax on the top earners. That seems like an obscene level. Realise that might bring in money quick to the state which they can use, but dunno if it has good long term effect. It will discourage and slow down business.

    Sarkosy may not have been great but dunno if France can afford to swing even further to the left.
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    (Original post by TheHansa)
    Construction of 500,000 homes per year, including 150,000 social, funded by a doubling of the ceiling of the A passbook, the State making available its local government land within five years.

    You want ketchup with that?
    S.T.A.T.I.S.M, protectionism, and social democracy aren't socialist.
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    (Original post by prog2djent)
    S.T.A.T.I.S.M, protectionism, and social democracy aren't socialist.
    Socialism is based on state ownership, increasing the amount of houses the state owns is a socialist policy. I agree he is not a true socialist though, but he does have socialist policies.
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    Social democracy is surely a legitimate strand of socialism. Just because he's more progressive that revolutionary it doesn't detract from his socialism. Though admittedly I imagine he'll end up much the same way with many of the same policies as everyone else in Europe. Nevertheless I find this extremely satisfactory.
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    (Original post by digitaltoast)
    The turkeys haven't just voted for Christmas, they've thrown in 5 years of battery farm hell followed by halal slaughter.

    Hollande basically promised all the things that have given Greece ruination and Spain 25% unemployment, and then on top of that said "By the way, it's socialism, too!". A system which has never, ever, ever, anywhere, ever, brought anything except financial disaster and misery for the people suffering under it.

    They say "The trouble with Socialism is that, at some point, you run out of other people's money".

    If I could happily sit back and watch France implode in an isolated bubble of it's own stupidity, that'd be fine. Everyone enjoys a bit of Schadenfreude, right? But they're propped up by the equally corrupt and stupid EU who will just keep on and on handing over other people's money.

    France is certainly going to get what it voted for, and it fully deserves it, too.

    The implications for France are terrible, but their own doing.

    The implications for the rest of Europe and its neighbours like the UK are pretty gloomy. Watch those markets crash...
    scandanavia is doing fine and they are nicely left

    someone said something silly without thinking
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    Should he win, which is more than likely, I'd like to see him keep his promise and seek to impose that 90% tax rate he's advocated before.
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    congrats France
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    (Original post by prog2djent)
    Name one "socialist" position of the party and I will eat my webcam.

    And I'm glad you've recognised they aren't socially liberal. Hollande really did pander to the anti-Sarkozy crowd in the Front Party.
    Well they are not liberal, because actually liberalism in France is considered right wing (centre right to be exact). Obviously socialism != liberalism, so why would you want him to enforce liberal policies? It is a typically anglo-saxon stuff to cold liberal left wing... Most of its politics require political intervention such as state funded job (through direct employment, subside etc...), building of state house and probably a change in the strategy on French public company (like the largest UK energy producer EDF ).
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    I can guarantee that when/if Hollande's socialist spending policies fail, here in the UK Labour and their supporters will invent an excuse about how it will be different for us.

    Milliband: But...but... We'll do it differently to them. We have different economies... It - it isn't the same!

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    (Original post by yothi5)

    ???????????????????????????????? ??????????
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    it was very close though, much closer than i expected i expected him to get at least 57%
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    (Original post by jakemittle)
    A turnout of 72% - impressive!
    First, it is 80%, and second, in France a turnout below 75% is deemed dissapointing. What's the usual turnout in the UK? (feeling lazy and don't want to search on google)
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    Didn't care who won both were terrible.
  19. Offline

    (Original post by Borderline)
    I can guarantee that when/if Hollande's socialist spending policies fail, here in the UK Labour and their supporters will invent an excuse about how it will be different for us.

    Milliband: But...but... We'll do it differently to them. We have different economies... It - it isn't the same!

    Yes but what is going to happen if France's economy grows, like Germany's and the USA, and the UK's economy continues to flatline....will Osborne try and continue with his line "our poor growth just underlines how important it is that we are not diverted from our current strategy!"
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    (Original post by lankymanky)
    Should he win, which is more than likely, I'd like to see him keep his promise and seek to impose that 90% tax rate he's advocated before.
    75% on money earned above 1 million. It's not the actual million that is taxed at 75%, and he will probably do it, but you should know that in France this measure is not that big of a deal compared to what british liberals have to say about it.


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Updated: May 13, 2012
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