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Uni romance struggle

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    Is it just me or does university feel lonely sometimes? I don't know why because I have met the loveliest friends and enjoy every minute being here but everyone seems to be in a relationship! I only know one girl who's not in a relationship at the moment.

    I admit I've had my share of drunken antics with guys but everyone knows its one thing and that's that, but I can't help but feel like everyone else is in a relationship bar me.

    Anyone else feel like that?
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    Really? I find that really surprising! I mean, I get the idea a lot of couples break up before uni (due to distance) and if not before, after a few months when the couple realise it doesn't work (with the obvious exceptions). Maybe you're just friends with the a lot of people who like to be in relationships?

    I'm not at uni yet, so come to think of it, I can't answer your question, but maybe people are forming relationships to stop themselves from becoming lonely, or they're in a new place and are meeting new people and have just been lucky early on?

    Less relevantly I seem to inconveniently be single whenever all my friends aren't and be in a relationship when everyone is off being single. Means double dates have never really been something I've done. :/
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    It's surprised me too. Besides one guy in my house being engaged (which is too early, he's 20), I was the only one in a relationship and the distance was a pain, our personalities had changed so we broke up within a month or so of me getting to university. Now everyone is in a relationship I feel a bit left out!

    It is probably loneliness I guess, I often wonder if the idea of having a man is nicer than actually having one! Haha. I mean

    That always tends to happen. But double dates usually end in disaster, well at least in my experience. The first double date I went on, the guy tried hitting on me infront of his girlfriend, so awkward.

    Also being in a relationship is kind of restricting on nights out, the girls have to seriously watch what they're doing Whereas I don't haha


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Updated: May 7, 2012
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