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Opinions on the en-suite halls, past experiences would help ^_^

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    hi guys,

    going into coventry in september and want to know a bit more about the ensuite halls since i never really viewed them. i want to get into trinity point the most but i dont really mind about the others. im mainly concerned with the security and internet speed to be honest, but any experiences from students would really help!!

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    i've got my eye on trinity point too.
    Although someone here is moving out of a flat thats £50-55 a week, inclusive of all bills. There's 4 rooms going there, so I might take that option.
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    Even though I did not live in trinity during my first year I have visited it many times. The ensuites feel small and cramped and they eat a lot into the space of your room.

    Singer hall I would say is the best accommodation offered, the rooms are spacious and it had the quickest internet connection out of any of the halls(as long as you can connect to the wireless service).

    Hope this helps

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    one month later since i started the thread... lol...

    anyone know if trinity point is inclusive of bills n stuff? it was never really mentioned on the the website from the university ot liberty living...
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    at £5000+ I assume they include bills.
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    ok thanks
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    @12win12 , Bills are included but you have to pay crazy money for the internet. Raglan is much better IMHO.
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    (Original post by aim1000)
    @12win12 , Bills are included but you have to pay crazy money for the internet. Raglan is much better IMHO.
    ohhh yeaaa i totally forgot about it doesnt include internet with the rent... thanks for the reminder~!! i don't think ill apply for unite ones since theres no poin t at the moment as there arent many rooms left available i think...


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