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Best pair of players?

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    a front three of Ronaldo - Neymar - Messi with the old roving three that Barcelona used to play with.

    If its just two Fabregas and Rooney
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    barton & cattermole
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    Peter Crouch and Nikola Zigic.

    In addition I would get Aleksandr Orekhov and Papa Bouba Diop and a team of beasty giants
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    (Original post by MHRed)
    Agger and Vermalaen (if they could stay fit....imagine the long shots).

    Suarez and Cisse'd make a good pairing I reckon.

    No Ba?
    He doesn't work out wide as part of a front three. He seriously lacks pace to be effective there. He would have to play in the middle which would mean leaving Cisse out, who I think is a better all round striker.

    You could say that why don't we just play 4-4-2 with Ben Arfa on the wings but since we've played 4-3-3 we have been much more solid in midfield with a central 3. It also alows Cabaye to get further forward where he belongs because Guttierez and Tiote sit back more.
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    Rooney & Ronaldo (back together)
    Scholes & Vieira
    Vidic & Kompany
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    Thiago Silva and Pique. :coma:


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Updated: May 8, 2012
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