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Has anyone experienced any random acts of kindness?

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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    I do not believe in random acts of kindness. There is always a motive.
    Yes. The motive is that some people derive happiness from helping other people.
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    Plenty times I've been wearing a new item of clothing with the tag unknowingly still on and loads of times a stranger will stop me and let me know. always saves a bit of embarrassment...
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    (Original post by M1011)
    Or just to "chat you up" because you might be "available".

    This is more commonly referred to as grooming.

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    (Original post by goape)
    Yes. The motive is that some people derive happiness from helping other people.
    That is still a selfish motive, however.

    Selfishness is completely acceptable, though. It is to be encouraged.
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    (Original post by M4LLY)
    A while back my old Peugeot had a flat tyre and it was like 11 at night and it was pouring with rain. By chance an AA van happened to be passing, very kindly he stopped and gave me a hand changing my tyre.
    totally read that first time as 'stopped and gave me a hand job'. I should sleep.
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    A tramp I walked past once told me:

    "A smile costs nothing."
    Brightened up my day.

    (I usually don't approve of tramps.)
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    That is still a selfish motive, however.
    Absolutely, ultimately everything one does is for the self. But whatever the motive, the act is still kind.
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    (Original post by balface)
    I'm also always really gratedful for the men who always seem to stop and carry my suitcase for me when I'm struggling on the tube/trains (I don't have a car and am really small and pathetically weak).
    Not to spoil the general l'air du temps of this thread, but I find it much more likely that they simply find you attractive.
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    I can't think of any altruism off hand.

    I tell you what, first three people to PM me with the name of the charity they support, and one sentence on why, I'll donate £10 each.

    **ALL DONE** I'm sure your respective causes are gratified.


    1. £10 to the Red Cross courtesy of SF
    2. £10 to Horses & Ponies Protection Organisation courtesy of RK
    3. £10 to Help for Heroes courtesy of S
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    (Original post by Clip)
    Not to spoil the general l'air du temps of this thread, but I find it much more likely that they simply find you attractive.
    Not sure I get this obsession with the motive. Why does the motive matter, unless the person explicitly states it to while doing? It is the act that is important.
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    (Original post by Katie (:)
    Sounds like the beginnings of a love story! :P
    You should definatly check this out for a love story.
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    Once, I squashed my homicidal urges and didn't kill everyone in the room.

    We all felt warm and fuzzy inside.

    ...No but really, I can't think of anything.
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    I used to work at a petrol station. One day a man came in a bought two chocolate bars and gave one each to me and my colleague. It was really nice and brightened up my day!
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    (Original post by Clip)
    I can't think of any altruism off hand.

    I tell you what, first three people to PM me with the name of the charity they support, and one sentence on why, I'll donate £10 each.

    **This offer expires at 2300 Thursday 10th May, and any residual will go to Help For Heroes**


    £10 to the Red Cross courtesy of SF
    Out of rep :hmmm:
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    Lost my wallet on the train, panicked and went through the usual business of cancelling my cards and having new ones sent. On the day when I was on the phone to the DLVA to get a replacement driving license card there's a knock at my door.

    I open it and there's a lad about my age, maybe a few years older who had obviously found my wallet and taken it upon himself to drive to the address listed on my driving license to give it to me in person because in his own words "I don't trust the post!" It was a good hours' drive as well but when I offered to pay him for the petrol and his trouble he wouldn't have any of it.

    So I took him to the shops in my own car and bought him a crate of beer.
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    1. When the bus driver says Helloooooo young lady
    2. Once I was 90p short when buying sweets at my local newsagent, some kind dude offered to pay for it, I was chuffed

    The nicest/kind of weird one has to be when once, I was in a store looking at designer bags (cost around £2000 each), I was just looking, as you would, (not that ill ever afford it) when a man started talking to me and offered to buy me the one I was looking at. Erm I thought wth and declined his rather strange offer (who knows whether he would have actually proceeded to buy it ) hmmm it was odd. And creepy.
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    (Original post by RainPours)
    That was really nice of her, most people would throw it away rather then giving it to someone who can make use of it right?
    A lot of people do this, its happened in my mums car on numerous occassions. My mum has gave other people her carpark ticket when it still had time left and she was leaving countless of times. Its more common than you think.
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    I havn't noticed any towards me.. but when I worked on checkouts at a supermarket (weekend job while I was at school) I served a very nice lady and I was just packing the last of her weekly shop for her while she was using the chip and pin machine and her card was declined several times.

    I could see the embarassment on her face and felt really sorry for her and the next person in the queue was a man with a very nice friendly face and he tried to pay for her weekly shop for her with no intention of swapping details for a repayment or anything like that.

    She was as shocked as I was and she said she couldn't possibly accept the offer (despite him physically attempting to put his card into the machine) but it was just so nice that he fully intended to pay for a complete strangers' weeks worth of shopping.

    After I'd sorted out her problem and had her taken to the customer service desk I was serving the man and I said to him 'that was a really amazingly nice thing you did' and he said 'Oh don't be silly.. it was nothing... it's only money'.

    I still think about it sometimes and it always makes me smile
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    I'm in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend of 4 and half years. She lives in America, and I live in the UK. We can rarely afford plane tickets to see each other, and to compound that our schedules don't often line up, but we manage. Even so, we only manage to see each other on average every 7 months or so, and for just a week at a time.

    Anywho, last year I was heading off to see her, via Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Unbeknownst to me, a new form (the ESTA) had come into practice, and you had to fill it out before travelling to the US. I only found this out in the airport when I arrived, and started to get a little worried. I asked quite a few attendants where I could fill out this form online, but all I got was unclear directions in even worse French accents.
    I searched all over the airport (like a fricking labyrinth, that place) and finally found a computer. I rushed to put my details in, paid for it (thank God I had my card), and then hurried to go through customs. I finally arrived at the desk, only to be told that, although my flight was outside, I was too late.
    The desk attendant told me it wasn't my fault because my first flight (from B'ham) had arrived late (it was in fact early, but I didn't correct her at that time - thank God). She told me to go to one of two desks further down the hallway to sort this out.
    Heart beating, I picked one at random and went up to the lady at the counter, explaining my situation. After a short conversation, we both converged on the fact that I had not filled out the ESTA, which was my fault, and that the airline couldn't do anything about it.
    I asked when the next flight was. She replied that it was next morning, 12:00. I asked how much it was. It was 2000 euros. I asked her for my passport back and turned away, went to sit on a nearby waiting chair.
    It was at this point that I really let it all get to me. I had completely ****ed it up. With how rarely my girlfriend and I get to see each other (twice we've gone 10 months without visiting), these opportunities are one of the most important things to me, and I had just ruined everything. I would have to break the news to everyone, pay for a new flight back to the UK, because I most certainly didn't have 2000 euros handy. My bags were on the way to the US, and I was stuck in Paris, with nowhere to go. I put my head in my heads, felt myself shaking, and just started to cry. There was nothing else to do. Usually I'd never let people see me like that, but I couldn't care less as I just watched my tears fall to the ground while people looked on.

    After a good few minutes of that, the desk attendant came over and sat next to me. She looked concerned, and told me not to cry, and that it would be okay. Through what I'm sure was a very blubbery face, I explained my situation with my girlfriend, and what I'd just done by missing that flight. She sat and listened, and then told me, "Don't worry. Let me go and speak to my supervisor. It'll be okay". With that, she took me over to him, and I continued looking a sorry mess while they conversed in French (didn't understand a word).
    She took me back to the desk and then said, "Don't worry, you're going to see your girlfriend", and printed me off an entirely new ticket for that 12:00 flight. She gave me the details of the terminal, time and what I needed to do. Referred me to hotels in the area.

    I couldn't believe it. She'd just given me what was essentially worth 2000 euros for free. I was absolutely...I don't even know the word, but all I could do was thank her and thank her and thank her. We sat and talked for a while, and she told me a bit about her life. We exchanged emails, and a few months on I emailed to ask how she was doing, and she said she was pregnant with her fiancé's baby.

    I'll always remember what she did for me. I think that's the biggest act of kindness I've ever experienced by a long shot. I still keep the ticket she gave me in my bedside table.


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