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Mature halls or normal?

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    I'm 21 and will be starting my first year at Nottingham Trent in September, I am considering going into accommodation that is 'suitable for mature students' such as elm house or waverley street but I'm unsure as to whether they will be likely to attract much older students as I would probably prefer to go into normal halls if this is the case. Wondering if anybody who has any experience with these halls or mature halls in general could help?
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    If you wanna go out with a lot of young freshers etc, then I'd go for normal. 21 is hardly old.
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    21 isn't old. People won't even be able to tell the difference.

    Know at school it seems that 2 or 3 years is a big gap, but at uni it isn't.
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    I think you'll be with people closer to your age in normal halls. There will be lots of people aged 20-21 and older.
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    Yea thanks, I don't really mind being with people a few years younger than me but have been on a course at college for two years with people that have just left school so would be nice to meet some people my own age aswell, that's why I was having trouble deciding, but if there are plenty of people around my age in normal halls as you say than I'll probably just go for that.
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    Im 21 and I'm going into normal halls and I was a bit worried that everyone will be really young compared to me. One of my friends said that you can't even tell difference
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    (Original post by LauraLouii)
    Im 21 and I'm going into normal halls and I was a bit worried that everyone will be really young compared to me. One of my friends said that you can't even tell difference
    u cant tell the difference, but u look 17 lolz
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    Baby face ha


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