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Looking for a room in Manchester

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    I was moving in a 6 bedroom house but typically all of them are dropping out or moving uni's. I'm 19 and a male studying at MMU. I'm easy going, very sociable and I like going out so I should be easy enough to get along with. Not fussy on location or price just want somewhere to live with like minded people ! Let me know on here if you have a spare room.
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    Hey there! We're a group of 5 currently stuck with a six bed house due to a drop out, 19-23 years. The room available is a double, and although it's not set in stone which room it is, it's likely to be an upstairs room which isn't road facing, although that's up for negotiation the room is £75pw without bills, on Arnfield Road in Withington - great pub 200m away! 2 bathrooms, great kitchen and living area with tv and xbox. We also have two gardens which are maintained for us feel free to get in touch and we can send over photos or arrange to meet up or something hope revision is going well and good luck in your exams!



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Updated: May 17, 2014
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