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Cheap, Cheerful and Achievable Student Recipe Ideas?

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    I'm hopefully going to uni in September and was looking for some easy recipes that are cheap to make and tasty too! Any ideas? And ones that our more imaginative than beans on toast would be great! lol
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    See here.
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    Spuds! Lots of them for dirt cheap and just bake them with beans, my cheapy option
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    A great resource for recipes.
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    If you have spices you can make a kind of tomato curry sauce by popping some mustard seeds, frying an onion, throw in a tin of tomatoes and finish with a bunch of spices (cumin, paprika, cloves etc.). Once it's finished you can throw in some lentils or you can put it on raw chicken, wrap it in foil and cook it in the oven for half an hour. Alternatively, you can chop some chicken up and put it in the pan after the onions but before the tomatoes.

    Easy curry!

    You can do a similar thing by frying an onion then adding a 500g pack of mince. Once it's brown add the tin of tomatoes and then some combination of rose, sage, oregano and thyme and some garlic. Now you have spag bol
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    Jar of nutella and/or peanut butter.
    No, really you could go for noodles or pasta but buy condiments like chilli sauce or soy or different pastes to vary it all, along with cans of tuna or chicken slices etc. For me ramen noodle soup was a GODSEND; 79p per pack . Didn't exactly show off any culinary prowess though...
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    beans + toast
    also the 9p noodles from lidls

    hey you're welcome
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    Water, noodles, heat.

    The student's food, the food of foods.
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    lol thanks guys!


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