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What is the best City in the World?

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    Hi all,

    Well I'm going abroad over the summer and in my Gap year:

    I'm going to 4 cities: New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London.

    I was wondering what people thought was the coolest City they have been to? Also Out of the 4 I'm going to - which did people prefer?
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    Sydney is the best city I've been to. Amsterdam and Basel are nice too.

    Out of the ones you are going to, I've only been to New York and London, and I think I liked New York more, but they both rock.
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    It depends on what you are after.

    The best city to party; 1. Amsterdam 2. New York.

    The best city for culture, food, arts, city life, (all around) 1. San Francisco. 2. Paris

    The most fun Las Vegas

    Best city to raise a family is Perth, Australia.

    The city where I had an experience I will never forget is Berlin.

    Edit: Really 3 negs for for sharing an opinion about my favorite cities? Of all the things I say that deserve a neg (and I say allot) this is the least worthy of a rating of any kind. There really are some shallow ignorant people on this thread. Do you know how when someone cuts you off in traffic and you pull up and look over at them because you want to see what the idiot looks like? I'm really curious who the 3 people who negged me are for the same reason.
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    San Diego.... LA...San Fransisco....Anything in California really

    Although, I think Sydney, Shanghai, Perth and New York are pretty cool too.
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    I'd say New York or Shanghai out of the cities I've been to.
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    Berlin was pretty amazing

    Helsinki/Copenhagen too! So many beautiful women :coma:
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    Singapore's pretty dope
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    (Original post by 117r)
    Singapore's pretty dope
    Oh yer! Will be going to Singapore aswell, forgot about that - I went 6 years ago and absolutely loved it, Raffles hotel was sick.
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    I guess Singapore or somewhere in Australia.
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    Durham. The birthplace of Mirin?
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    I would never have thought this was true, but I've been to london twice in the past few weeks and had a ****ing blast both times, and want to move there now. Saw so much weird stuff going on and basically just walked around smoking spliffs in broad daylight completely unchallenged. Amsterdam is up there too, but the ****ty ****ing buzzkill government they have over there is doing their best to ban all the fun stuff now.
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    I love visiting London but I doubt I'd want to live there!! Sydney is very nice. (I dont go by "cool" - never have done, and never will!! Different and proud!!)
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    I can't decide on one, but I have a top 3!

    For me, Hong Kong is magical, especially the harbour/Peak. Some say it's like any other glitzy city with lights and noise, but there's something about it that gives it an edge over others - the language, the backstreets, the food!

    Tokyo is incredible, another unforgettable experience. It's incredibly busy, especially in the tourist hotspots like Harajuku, Shinjuku and Asakusa. But it's busy in a different way to say, London, where people are knocking into you all the time. When you cross the road, everyone seems to have a personal bubble that gives you a bit of space to breathe. When you go and stand by the Imperial Palace, or in Yoyogi Park, it's bewildering how it's so quiet and serene in the centre of a city home to 13 million people.

    Something a little different, but just as enchanting - Reykjavik. Tiny to compared the other two, and for any capital city, it has a different charm. It's main shopping street is small, but leads down to a beautiful opera house and the harbour, which is beautiful- especially at night, when you also have a chance of seeing the Northern Lights, albeit very faintly in the city. Iceland is somewhere I would recommend to absolutely everyone, I came back a month ago and I'm still awestruck.

    Sorry this went on a bit, just my two (quite long) cents!
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    I don't like New York too much. I'm not too sure why - maybe I built it up a bit too much in my mind.

    Berlin is probably my favourite city out of those I've visited, although that may change soon as I'm visiting Amsterdam.
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    I loved Sydney when I visited, really liked the atmosphere in Boston too!
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    I love London but am a little biased! If you do pop down to Sydney, make sure you give Melbourne a look. It's like Sydney's cooler cousin who doesn't try to hard but is still great. Lots of art and culture there too.
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    San Francisco
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    Mexico City

    Or perhaps not if you want to stay alive :creep:
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    cities are horrible places. much better to be out in the countryside.


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