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EU ELQ Funding, help and advice needed

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    Hi all,

    A Greek friend is moving to London this summer and will be applying to study for a BA(hons) Acting degree at several drama schools to hopefully start in september 2013. They have studied at a partner college of Uclan in Greece and obtained a Ba(hons) Animation in 2011.

    This has been planned for a while and only recently have we discovered (and not an easy discovery) that they are classed as an ELQ and will not be eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan and also since they have not lived in the uk for three years will not be eligible for a professional and career development loan.

    If anyone could offer any help or advice on how we could possibly fund the tuition fees, or direct us to anyone else who could help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time
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    Unfortunately there is no funding available for anyone in that situation.
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    Even if your friend was eligiable for a professional development loan I do not think it would work in his case because there are maximum limits to the amount you get borrow (arround £10,000) and limits on the length of the course.

    However there may be another way.

    Contact a solicitor/law firm which deals with education or human rights laws and ask if a judicial review can be launched. I am trying to find out which law firms public interest lawyers accept briefings from because this is the sort of thing that they would take on.

    All solicitors have to be regestered with the law society, which hasa find a solicitor tool so finding a list of solicitors who work in education or human rights is easy


    make sure you friend explains the elq funding situation to them as it isnt very well known.

    explain what the situation is in regard to him being able to contribute toward cost (unless your friend has a lot of cash this will have do be done as a legal aid or pro bono case).

    and point out that in the recent Hurley case (the one that was about the 9k fees) the judge found that the fees were saved from breaching human rights laws only because of the govornment loan system which is in place - in the case of ELQ this is of course compleatly absent.

    good luck


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Updated: May 14, 2012
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