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Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale

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    I took this and scored 100. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety. I was wondering how this fared with other people who may or may not have social anxiety?
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    I just took it and apparently scored 135. Although it is subjective. Last time I did it I scored 129 apparently, but that would make sense because I'm finding it more difficult than usual at the moment. I have social anxiety, so yes.

    100 certainly sounds like a high score, although obviously there are difficulties with questionnaires and self-reports etc. Has the person who diagnosed you offered you any help for your social anxiety?
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    I scored 30.
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    I got 119 and have been diagnosed with both avoidant personality disorder as well as social anxiety in the past.

    Just reading some of those situations made me feel anxious. :afraid:
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    I got 57 and I have never considered I might have social phobia, although I do have an acute fear of being the centre of attention in a formal setting eg. giving a presentation. And some things like writing in front of people and phone calls make me nervous. But I've never had problems making or keeping friends and can enjoy things like parties so I've never considered my nervousness a social problem as such.
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    I got 97. The questions about strangers didn't bother me. I'm good at chatting to people I know I'll never see again, because if they judge me it won't affect me. An acquittance on the other hand.. they know enough about me to judge me and use it against me. :afraid: I always think they're thinking bad things about me.

    Entering a room when everyone is sat down.. for some reason that terrifies me.
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    56 (fear) + 52 (avoidance) = 108
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    86. I probably do have social anxiety, but it doesn't affect my life at all, not anymore anyway.
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    I was diagnosed years ago with social anxiety and haven't changed since then and I only scored in the 20s of this scale... Though I've never been convinced that I do have social anxiety.

    I have terrible panic attacks if I've to go anywhere on public transport without my parents. Though I'm utterly fine if I drive somewhere. But I think this is partly/mostly to do with my motion sickness.
    If I have some sort of social event which involves me going to someone else's house or a place I haven't really been to before/never been to before then I lose my appetite and feel physically ill for around a week leading up to the event. As of late my feelings of illness have tended to continue throughout the event ie. at recent parties.
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    Wow, I only got 12? And I'm not even that much on an extrovert (not really an introvert either). I wonder how much introversion correlates with social anxiety.
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    120 :/

    I've been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, but I've had SA for a very long time now.
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Updated: May 20, 2012
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