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    I received an unconditional offer from Keele this September and immediately firmed it as it was the only place i'd actually applied to. As such, naturally, ive been doing a bit of research in to the area. Unfortunately, almost unanimously the feedback has been pretty negative, most worryingly people are slating the nightlife and general amenities. The impression im getting is that Stoke is depressing and lifeless, as is Newcastle. Is it really that bad? It's my only option so i'll inevitably be going, think i just want some positivity to counter balance all the negativity ive encountered.

    Essentially id like some more specific feedback on the nightlife both on campus and off, if anyone would be so kind? Appreciate any responses.

    Also, before anyone mentions that this sort of research should have taken place prior to my accepting the offer - please refrain, im well aware.
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    Hello. I've also received and firmed an Unconditional from Keele to start in September and I'm in the same boat as you! I've seen the same negative feedback as you describe in other forums and like you, would love some reassurance. If it's any help, I had this reply on a different thread:

    "Keele is a really nice university - I only studied there for a year but I really loved it. I only left because my course just wasn't working out for me. My girlfriend has been there for undergrad, masters and now her PhD and she does some teaching in the American Studies department - I'm pretty certain that I'm going to have to drag her away from there screaming. She really loves it that much!

    You'll hear mixed things about Stoke because there are a few areas that aren't too nice but as a student at Keele you'll never need to go to them. I grew up in Stoke and really like it. It is currently undergoing major redevelopment, especially around Hanley (new shopping centre, entertainment buildings and bus station!) so just avoid the building sites and you'll be fine.

    I lived in Newcastle for a while and it's a really nice place with bars, cinemas and more entertainmenty things but most of the shopping is based in Hanley. The people are generally lovely in both areas." - Paradoxsocks

    Hopefully that helps!
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    Yeah, that was reassuring, appreciate it. Hopefully they'll have finished refurbishing everything by the time we get there.

    Think another of my worries was the prospect that the majority of Keele students chose Keele precisely because it was seemingly in a quiet area and didnt offer much nightlife. Nice to know there's someone else with similar concerns.

    What are you studying?
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    You had me at unconditional.

    I know people that'd give up an inch of their dicks for an unconditional offer so just be glad. ;D

    Anyway, Keele ain't bad at all. It's just not AS big as other places like Manchester or Liverpool and whatnot. Nightlife's quieter but it's not bad. Plenty of student clubs and bar about, especially that you can only be in one place at once (;

    Again the same with amenities, the town centre isn't big, but there's everything you'd ever need.

    Don't fret.
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    Been here for coming up to 9 months and there's nothing wrong with the night life in my eyes - plenty of clubs in hanley and not hard to find things to do, whether it be go out for a few drinks or just watching a film at the vue cinema in newcastle.
    It might be slightly different if you're on campus but I live in Newcastle so I suppose things are slightly more accessible.
    On top of all that, there's a lot of stuff happening down at the union so there's usually something on.
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    there is absolutely nothing wrong with the nightlife at Keele. the union has something on every night, and there's bar and clubs in Hanely though i've never bothered.
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    I'm going to be studying English and American Literature. What about you?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that has been worrying unnecessarily..
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    I'm in the unconditional boat too - it's a long story involving falling out with my course at my current uni.

    I have a friend who's lived in the Stoke area his whole life and went to Keele uni. He doesn't think too lowly of it at all, and from what I've heard it's alright for going out on a regular basis, as long as you make the effort to go off campus!
    For an occasional big night out I think it's reasonably easy and cheap to get the train into Manchester and get the first one back in the morning, so I think as long as you actively find things to do there is plenty on


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