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Where and how often do you shave?

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    I was wondering where and how often do you people shave...

    moustache, beard, armpit, arms, legs etc..

    I shave moustache (every 3 days usually, it grows quite fast), beard (once a week), armpit (every two or three week, doesn`t grow fast) and pubic hair (not so often, grows very slowly)
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    My face, when it gets itchy - which is about every four days.
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    I didn't know boys/men shaved their armpits :curious: And I thought that was just girls who did that.
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    I shave my legs every fortnight. I keep them hairy during winter though.
    I thread my eyebrows and mush every 3 weeks or so.
    I wax my pits once a month.
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    Face, every day I work (so about 5 days out of 7).
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    Every 2 weeks :cool:
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    (Original post by .Missy)
    I didn't know boys/men shaved their armpits :curious: And I thought that was just girls who did that.
    Don't see why not if they want to? Some people also do it for religious reasons eg Muslims.
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    wax underarm, mous, pubic every 3 weeks.
    So no shaving
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    Trimming the beard every Monday Morning Lecture is always the way to go
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    Underarms: basically everyday
    Legs: depends if my boyfriends back from uni. If he is then basically everyday day (like to keep them smoooooth ), if not then every 2-4 days.
    Down there: again depends if my boyfriends home. If he is, then whenever it gets too spikey If not then I keep it trimmed and just do the bikini line like every week or so.

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    (Original post by jeddows)
    Face, every day I work (so about 5 days out of 7).
    Ditto. Sometimes the weekends too if the wife's nagging me about it.
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    I am still at the point where I can get away with only shaving my face once a week :cool:

    For those negging me, Jealous? Should be.
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    Face - every few days
    Pubic area - once every two weeks roughly
    Armpits? As if I'd shave those!
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    My face every other day.
    Downstairs - Trim once a fortnight :sexface:
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    Legs: Everyday in the spring and summer so I can wear skirts, In the winter; every 4 days or so.
    Underarms: Everyday
    Downstairs: Every 2 days or longer in the winter.
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    (Original post by .Missy)
    I didn't know boys/men shaved their armpits :curious: And I thought that was just girls who did that.
    it should be :/

    secondly about once a month i let it grow into a beard first lol
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    The Bat Cave: When I start looking like a Wookie/if I'm wearing a dress w/bare legs or bikini.
    Legs: Same, unless I'm wearing shorts/bare legs
    Underarms: Pretty much every time I have a shower
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    Underarms: Every day
    Legs: Every 2 days in the summer, every 4-5 in the winter
    Area: Every 3 days.
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    it varies ... can be every other day can be every other month ... i can be rather lazy at times :rolleyes:
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    Legs: Only if someone's going to see them, like the girlfriend or if I'm wearing shorts etc. Other than that I'll shave if I notice hairs poking out of my tights at school.
    Underarms: Once a week?
    Downstairs: Far too much effort. Never.

    I really wonder why people bother negging this. Protip: I'll do what I want with my body hair and you can do what you want with yours.


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