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Where and how often do you shave?

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    Everything below the neck every couple of days. Fairly OCD about body hair.
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    (Original post by Emielle)
    Legs: Only if someone's going to see them, like the girlfriend or if I'm wearing shorts etc. Other than that I'll shave if I notice hairs poking out of my tights at school.
    Underarms: Once a week?
    Downstairs: Far too much effort. Never.
    eww your downstairs
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    (Original post by CharlotteJones1)
    eww your downstairs
    Dude why ew? It's normal.
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    The face every 5 days
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    (Original post by dupps1991an)
    be the man shave the pubic hair
    Did you join TSR just to post that?

    I'm both flattered and terrified.
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    (Original post by Emielle)
    Dude why ew? It's normal.
    I hope you don't ever expect anyone to perform cunnilingus on you.
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    usually wax more than shave, just trying to keep everything in neat and tidy order.
    Waxing lasts so much longer than shaving (which has to be done every second day)

    but waxing= :coma:
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    Face twice a week and legs once a week. The Tunisian Python is back in the game.
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    i threaden my brows,mous
    wax arms,legs,underams,down
    every 4 weeks or sumthyng for some reason i have a routine now, i do it after my period. tht's when the hair grows the most!
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    (Original post by .Missy)
    I didn't know boys/men shaved their armpits :curious: And I thought that was just girls who did that.
    It's more hygeinic so I don't see why not.

    (Original post by arnoob)
    I am still at the point where I can get away with only shaving my face once a week :cool:

    For those negging me, Jealous? Should be.

    I sometimes shave my face every couple of days, sometimes I grow a beard. I long for the day when my facial hair is completely full and not asymmetrical and I can have real stubble. It's still quite fluffy tbh.
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    (Original post by Emielle)
    Dude why ew? It's normal.
    I agree. If you're comfortable then good on you.
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    (Original post by Pen Island)
    Nice avatar!
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    I shave my arms everyday (got very dark arm hair and shaving it off has always been the best option for me), and also do my underarms everyday. Legs depend on the weather - everyday in this warmer weather,but maybe only once a week in autumn and winter. Bikini line is usually every other day, and down there..well, whenever it feels necessary! Its a bit of an awkward task in our tiny shower, but needs must
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    Legs- whenever I'm planning on wearing a skirt without tights, or my boyfriend is coming round.
    Underarms- Every 3-4 days? Whenever they get a bit stubbly
    Downstairs- Just use veet to get rid of some and trim the rest.
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    (Original post by Emielle)
    Dude why ew? It's normal.
    I find pubes much sexier than all the stubble/bumps/spots/ingrown hairs you get from shaving all the time. No idea why people get so freaked out by it.
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    I haven't shaved in nearly 20 years.
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    Underarms - every other day, grows likes a bitch.
    Legs - once a week max, they're practically hairless.
    Downstairs - twice a week.
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    Underarms - pretty much everyday.
    Legs - maybe twice a week, they're naturally pretty smooth, don't really get much stubble
    Nether regions - 2-3 times a week, as soon as the regrowth gets irritating.
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    (Original post by .Missy)
    True that. Probably prevents the smell aswell
    Yh I would never shave t but trim it regularly to prevent smell
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    Why is it so funny when people refer to their pubic area as "downstairs"?


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