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    (Original post by Architecture-er)
    I'm just not going to be coerced into tipping when I go to the US :lol:

    Screw those guys, they're not going to force that on me.
    Would you be happy if someone came to the UK and then refused to follow a social norm?

    (Original post by TheSownRose)
    Would you be happy if someone came to the UK and then refused to follow a social norm?
    I wouldn't have an issue..


    especially when the 'social norm' in question is a load of tripe.

    I tend to ask if waiters if they get to keep their tips because I don't really know how you'd divide up my coupons

    Restaurants: 10-15%
    Taxi Drivers: 50p-£1 (usually just round it up, depends how long the journey was)
    Delivery Drivers: £1
    Hairdressers: £5 to my hairdresser (because I'm in there a good few hours and have a LOT of hair to deal with), £2 to the girl who washed my hair

    Went to a restaurant with some friends the other week, a big group of us for someone's birthday, everyone refused to tip, so myself and one other person ended up stumping up the whole tip! We'd had really good service all evening as well. It wouldn't have bothered me so much if the person complaining most hadn't been complaining that she was a "poor student" (We all are), but then gone and bought a £7 beer!

    FYI, no job is easy. Waitressing is no harder than working on a shop floor with tons of demanding customers, or working in a bar full of drunken louts etc.

    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    FYI, no job is easy. Waitressing is no harder than working on a shop floor with tons of demanding customers, or working in a bar full of drunken louts etc.
    I have done shop work and bar work, waiting if hardest by far, and I want people to serve me to be of a higher standard than a minimum wage surrender monkey. Tipping means people with manners and brains serve you, no tips those people wont work in resteraunts and your left with retards messing with your food.

    your choice

    I don't really tip unless its a small amount of change like a pound and I'm not bothered to put in my wallet/we're all in a rush to leave.

    Although I don't think waiters/cabbies etc have a right to be tipped, they do a job and they're expected to carry it out to the highest standard to earn the pay they get. Other professions don't get tipped.

    *Scrubs piece* If Dr.Cox saves lives for a living he should be tipped rather than the barista at the coffee shop who pulls a lever and presses a button. (Btw in jest, I'm sure people in all fields work just as hard as eachother, I wouldn't know!)

    I'll tip in a restaurant if I have change and the service was good, but its usually just whatever change I have in my purse, not usually 10% though, food in restaurants is expensive enough as it is. With taxi drivers I might give a bit like if they asked for £9 and I only had a tenner I'd say keep the change. Don't tip anyone else though.


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