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When does your study leave start?

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    (Original post by Clare~Bear)
    When is your last exam? Mines 22nd june.
    Mine is 21st so only finish a day before you. Good Luck with yours!!
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    (Original post by Natalie21)
    Critical thinking is only an hour a week so its little effort!

    Nice subjects!

    Both :P the school is very good and gets amazing results... but they are also obsessed with critical thinking - we're a "thinking school" as well as a "modern and ancient languages" and "science school", so we're taught critical thinking from year 7 :P
    Ah so it's the easy A*, I see one benefit of taking it


    We're meant to be a 'business and enterprise school' but I consider it as more of a '**** school'
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    (Original post by tsveta)
    Ours starts on 25th May yet my first exam is on 23rd May. Grrrrr :mad: Seriously how do they expect me to have time to revise for this one (which is an AS retake) when they will have been loading my head with information about my A2 work on Monday and Tuesday?! So angry. Has anyone else's college given them a decent/ridiculous study leave?
    Mine starts the same day as yours and I have 5 resits before. Just don't go in the day before your exams
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    Study leave for me starts on the 14th of may, 1st exam on the same day


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