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is it only me who still hasnt started revision?

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    well i've been in the 'denial' phase of revision for a while: i go and sit down, open all my books and think 'aaah i know all this, it'l be ok' then turn on the T.V and pointlessly watch come dine with me or something - procrastination at its highest!

    but after a few lovely surprise mock exams in college last week i can now say the 'panic' phase of revision is well and truly underway. aaaaah A2 exams are SO HARD
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    (Original post by hazard404)
    i was thinking of bunking off school for this next week, but the problem with that is im probably the laziest guy youll ever have the pleasure of meeting, and ill end up getting out of bed at like half 2. plus i cant cos itll end up affecting my attendance.

    and yeah but it takes me a bit of time to cover say one chapter cos i have to write it down and understand and stuff if you get me, :confused: whats your method of doing it?

    ive had to let go of any hope of getting a c or above in english lit so im leaving that and focusing on these 3 instead, thanks man, best of luck to you aswell!
    I just sit on my sofa and memorise the entire textbook. Takes time though, but it's worth it in the end. Good luck mate You can do it.
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    Any particular reason for why I was negged? Because I advised him to spend more time on revision? You people seriously need to think twice before you do something. Facepalm all the way.
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    So ridiculously nervous and PANICKING. I won't be able to do this. fml fml fmlmflflmflfjFAQyrnidwb
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    I've got all maths modules, philosophy, chemistry and psychology to revise. I havent started yet and my first exam is next monday. I'll just do it all this weekend. Simple
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    I'm doing my A2s and I'm pretty sure what I've done so far doesn't really count as revision! It's bad I know, but I start off every morning thinking "Yes, I am going to revise so much today" but hours later, I'll realise that I've done absolutely nothing.
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    I have done so much revision and there's still 30 topics to do between now and the 29th of May. it feels like I havent done any.
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    You know those mental blocks your mind places in front of you? Well how about this , just drive through them.

    Best advice I've ever gotten from my teacher is, just get on with it.
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    pffft, i'll start tomorrow...
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    (MJ voice) you are not alooooooone..
    hopefully i shall start today, but then again, i've been telling myself this phrase for the past three months..

    you know what, most people are gonna freak out but.. yolo.
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    Ive not started my A2 revision either!!! So so bad!!

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my LT18i
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    Yeah I haven't started properly either, I've got 6 days till my first exam (Chemistry) which I'm fairly competent at and I'm into Uni too, so I'm not too worried about my exams this year.
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    thanks for all the feedback guys, i was just wondering, id +feedback you all but id be here for a couple of days at the very least

    good luck to everyone whos got any exams! hope we all do well! (im currently going over c1/c2, just thought id let you know)
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    You don't have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.

    made my day this quote.
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    Just get on with it, don't be one of the people who regrets not working as hard as they should/could have done on results day.
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    im rare ill and feel sick with a flu so havent revised cause i cant concentrate cause of the exam :/ half my coll has the flu :3
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    (Original post by hazard404)
    its me again with another revision thread :cool: please do excuse me *facepalm*

    well yeah, you can gather i still havent started any solid progressive revision yet, am i alone? should i be worried? is a week enough to finish chem bio maths?
    im doing exactly the same subjects as you and I have done the same amount of revision as you [nought]. Trust me mate, it is all about THE NIGHT BEFORE. It worked for GCSEs and I got 8A*s and 2As!
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    Procrastination is just like masturbation, it feels amazing while you're doing it, but after you realise you're just ****ing yourself.
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    solid progressive revision is sooo stressful. I did this last year and still had to cram a little bit for my last exam as they were so close together. they are even closer this time.


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