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Contract law exam help

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    I'm a bit worried I've got my contract exam next week. I've done revision but when I look at past exam questions I find it a difficult to pick out the key topics/issues.

    Are there any ways to spot if a question is about misrepresentation and not mistake etc ?

    Sometimes when there's a Q on offer/acceptance or consideration it doesn't click automatically to me.
    I fear I'll go on the wrong track.
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    Hi have you looked at old exam papers and tried to pick what subject they relate to ?? x
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    Just keep looking at old papers to get to know the structure - it will sink in eventually...!!

    For example, Offer and Acceptance Qs will quite often have one thing being 'sold' to lots of people, terms questions will quite often involve signs or backs of tickets etc, frustration questions will generally involve some bloody ridiculous chain of events occuring... ( :p: )

    Good luck, I've got Contract next Monday and I'm so stressed!!


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