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2D vs 3D movies

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    Hey guys;

    You know most movies are coming out in 3D now right, I just want to know your view on 3D movies compared to 2D movies.
    I don't think movie technology is good enough yet to make a substantial income currently and as such, typically go and see 2D movies. Although, I have seen 2 movies that was good in 3D which are Beowolf and Avatar (James Cameron version).

    So, if there is a movie out and you have a choice of seeing it in 2D or 3D, which would you chose and why?
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    3D can suck my dick.

    I hate that so many people buy into this stupid gimmick and perpetuate its existence.
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    2D. 3D just gives me a headache and I can't enjoy the film. My dad bought a 3D Tv and it's decent but in the cinema I'd much prefer 2D.

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    3D films just give me a headache. If i go see them I have to watch it without the glasses, and so it's just like watching a fuzzy film. I need to get round to buying Hank Green's 2D glasses: what a great idea.
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    Gotta be 2D for me
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    The only good film that i have seen in 3D is Avatar, but you'd expect that, considering the cost of the film.
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    3D just seems more like faddy **** like it was in the early 80s.
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    I was all for 3D going in to watching Avatar at IMAX a couple of years ago. Admittedly it was enjoyable enough, but since then my love for 3D has plumetted. Every single experience has been annoying. 3D is darker, headache inducing, annoying and gimicky. I would actually pay extra to watch 2D!

    IMAX 2D is the way forward-- giant screens whilst retaining resolution and better sound creates a more immersive experience. IMAX looks awesome on those wide landscape shots (TDK was awesome).
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    I get headaches watching 3D.... Plus it is just too damn expensive at the cinema

    Gotta be 2D for me
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    Most films I've seen using 3D haven't used it well.
    It depends on the film for me - if they put out a film in 3D, and after watching it I feel it's been a plus to the film, then that's cool.

    I don't really get headaches from it but I couldn't watch in 3D for more than one film.

    It's a bit silly to say 3D films are better than 2D ones or vice-versa imo.
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    3D movies are overrated, but there are some pretty awesome movies like "Avatar" that are worthwhile to be watched in 3D. Hoping "The Hobbit" (in theaters, December 2012) will be an epic movie and change the 3D industry. But for now, 2D is still better than 3D.
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    I've gained nothing from watching 3D over 2D.

    2D is perfectly fine and usually substantially cheaper too.
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    hahaha 3D has absolutely no votes
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    The only good film in 3D is Avatar. The others were just poo! Also I hate how the glasses makes the film a shade darker.

    I'd much prefer it if they had HD screens. That would be amaze.
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    I'd see a 3D film, only if it was filmed in 3D, not horrifically converted like Alice in Wonderland or Deathly Hallows part 2 and if it was something I felt could benefit from 3D. Otherwise 2D all the way.
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    I prefer 3D but can't justify the cost. Hubby prefers 2D. We pretty much always go to see films in 2D therefore.
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    3D is merely paying a lot of money to get a headache (well for me anyway). I'll pick 2D any time.
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    I can't see 3D (wonky eye.) Out of around 8 people I would voluntarily go to the cinema with, 1 other can't see it, 2 say they get headaches and the remainder hate it.

    Still can't understand how it is getting so popular.


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Updated: May 21, 2012
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