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how much do you live with for 1 year of uni?

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    I am asking the question because my future PGCE tutor told me that 15000 (this is the bursary I will get) was not much to live with as a PGCE student, and that even the maximum bursary of £20000 was just enough.

    I am really surprised as I have been working for a few years now and I hardy earn 18000 before tax, which is indeed not much, but is totally manageable.

    I am aware that I am quite lucky to receive a bursary of £15000.00 + a maintenance grant of £3000.00.
    But out of fear of what the tutor said, I also applied for a maintenance loan which will be £4000.

    So, I will have a total of £22000 for between 10 and 13 months (unless they work in the summer, trainee teacher don't get a job before September)
    I will also have a debt of £13000 (incl. tuitions fees loan), which like all of us, I suppose, I am not keen about and if the £4000 loan is a luxuary, well, I'd better not take it!

    Any PGCE or non PGCE student experience to share?
    Generally speaking, what is your budget? Could you tell me what are the hidden costs of a student life?



    Are you in London?
    22k a year is what you'd be making once you graduate.
    More than comfortable to live on.
    I live in the south west of france and I live on a bit more than that per year and frankly I live very well. Restaurants every day,travel twice a month etc.

    Can I ask, where will you be studying and what subject, to be getting a bursary of £15k? That's more than double most.

    Ah, sorry, editing because I've just seen some subjects get up to £15k bursary. Yikes, they've increased those for 2012/13! I think you should count yourself very lucky. That's a very nice figure for a student to live off.

    £20k to live on?! I'd be happy with half that!

    is this to live on? ive lived on 7 and a half k, and i just managed to live on that, 18k for u is loads

    I live on £7676! If you're not looking to go whoring with cocaine, you should be fine.
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    Haha! Good one Brit_Miller, I am not indeed!
    I am doing a MFL (languages) PGCE, in Brighton. The government wants to attract people in some subjects where they are short of teachers, therefore they give big grants depending on your degree honour.

    And don't get me wrong, I know that I am lucky and am not complaining. It is just that I have no idea of what it is to be a student in the UK and the PGCE is specific : you have 2 schools placements, one of them will be far and you will need to take the train (3 months). Also, Brighton is an expensive place where to live. And the PGCE doesn't leave any time nor energy for a job aside.

    God! How do you manage with 7K? do you have a part time job? Do your parents help? That makes £700 a month! I had 2 part time jobs for a total income of £800, lived out of Brighton (cheaper accommodations), used to spend my time in buses and had no social life (due to the lack of buses in the evening), I managed to live that way and even putting money aside. So I know what it is. But living in Brighton with that same money seems impossible! (accommodations very expensive)

    I live on £7.5k per year, supplemented by a bit of holiday work (so more like £8.5k in reality) . . . I live quite comfortably, pay rent & bills 40 weeks a year, have a social life, do sport, and have even managed a trip abroad.


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