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Do you sleep with your socks on or off?

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    Up until recently I thought everybody sleeps with the socks off, but it seems like a lot of people prefer them on and can't bare the feeling of cold and clammy feet.

    What do you prefer and why?
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    Off....if I don't take them off then they will come off eventually while I sleep and be lost forever at the end of my bed.

    I prefer cold feet for the same reason I like a cool-ish room - the quilt feels more comfortable and less stuffy so I sleep better
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    Off, because I get too hot, and I feel dirty if I don't.
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    Unless it's summer, I always wear socks when I go to sleep.

    In my defense, my room is the one directly above the garage so it's bloody freezing
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    Erm, I think it varies tbh. Sometimes I wear them, sometimes I don't. Just depends what I feel like :dontknow:
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    In winter on, in summer off.
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    Um, it really depends on the temperature of the room.
    Sometimes I go to bed with socks on, and have to take them off because my feet get too warm, sometimes I go to bed without but then have to get up again and search for the thickest pair I can find.

    I think if you're sharing a bed with someone it's only polite to put some socks on, since nobody wants icy feet pressed against them in the middle of the night!
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    I sleep in my birthday suit, so to wear my socks would be odd.
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    Socks should never be worn:

    - in bed
    - during sex
    - in the shower
    - while also wearing flipflops/sandals
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    I just slide about in bed because it feels all smooth and stuff.
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    (Original post by Delta_Aitch)
    Socks should never be worn:

    - in bed
    - during sex
    - in the shower
    - while also wearing flipflops/sandals
    Oh dear I've been doing it wrong

    Anyway, socks on in bed, I get cold feet
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    Normally I sleep with no socks, but at uni my feet are right by my window which is basically like having air conditioning on the bottom end of my bed -_-
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    (Original post by Little Hobbit)
    Oh dear I've been doing it wrong

    Anyway, socks on in bed, I get cold feet
    Not gonna lie, I've worn cotton socks in the shower to see what it feels like and it's a pretty weird/cool feeling. That said, I only did it for science...
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    I only wear them if it's been really cold, so maybe twice this year I've had to resort to that. Otherwise I get too hot, socks are amazing and keeping your body heat in.

    Watched one of those kids science programmes with two guys in a massive industrial fridge, one was fully clothed apart from socks/shoes, gloves and hat. While the other was in his boxers but had gloves, hat and socks and the second one could withstand the cold longer than the one who was fully clothed did.
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    I very rarely wear socks in bed unless my feet are freezing.
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    on when my feet are cold.
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    I'd feel way too stuffed up for that. My feet are bundled up the whole day, it probably does them good to get fresh air at night
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    There isn't an option for one off and another on. That's what I do anyway.
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    Half on, half off. My feet get too hot if they're on totally and too cold if I'm not wearing them at all.

    Edit: Negged for that? Well I'm sorry for my sock-wearing habits.
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    I sleep with them off but sometimes when I come in from a night out I don't bother and they're nice and toasty in the morning.


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