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Are Ferrari's worth the money?

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    (Original post by A.galloway)
    It often is simply a display of wealth, move out of the way peasant in your 1L panda I have the funds to purchase a £150,000 car and I want everyone to know it.
    They are great cars.
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    (Original post by Earnest Moore)
    Rolls Royce. Aston Martin. Bentley. Much better cars, similar prices.

    If you can afford these easily, and can afford to by any car, why not get a custom?
    Aston's are notorious for falling apart, Rolls Royce are completely different cars, as are Bentley's.
  3. Online

    Personally, I don't rate Ferrari's that much at all. I'd sooner have an Aston Martin.

    But that's the thing about niche vehicles - you either get it or you dont.

    Take my '56 Ford Popular. Why would you buy a 56 year old car that makes 30bhp only has 3 gears and slows down to about 15mph going up hill?
    Write it out like that and it doesn't make sense, does it? I bought it because of the unique charm it's got - the 50 year old seat covers, the indicators (trafficators) that shoot up from the B post, the smell of burning engine oil, sticker on the dashboard from the original supply dealer etc... Sounds nuts? Probably. But then, like with a Ferrari, if it needs explaining to you, you'll never get it.

    I don't "get" ferrari. So I'll probably never own one.
    It'd be boring if we all liked the same thing, eh?
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    Some Ferrari's can make you money! The proper rare classics that are one of a few in the world. But they're astronomical prices.

    But to me asking if Ferrari's are 'worth' the money is like asking how long's a piece of string. It's all relative, for some people it's pocket change.

    As for how much do you get for your buck, well needless to say the some of that price will be for the Ferrari badge.

    Ferrari's my favourite car manufacturer but I don't really like their cars from the 90's onwards. The styling is a bit meh, although they've rectified that with the 458 (although the 3 exhausts at the back look a bit cheap). 612 GTO has a beautiful back end but overall isn't great, although it makes the best downshift sound IN THE WORLD!
    Classic Ferraris are gorgeous.

    Ferrari's become a bit too flashy now, I much prefer's the Ferrari for the sophisticated individuals :yep:
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    all these expensive cars are just fantastic, we get a lot at work from bentleys and astons to ferraris and lambos. the quality of everything ie phenomenol, the rollers are out of this world.

    and the noises!
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    I would buy a Ferrari if I had the money! They're such beautiful cars! I would probably buy a Ferrari over a Bentley or other such car, but only if I knew how to drive it properly

    Although to be honest I would actually prefer an Alfa 8c. I have a thing for Alfas and my god that car is amazing. I still remember the first time I saw it at the London Motor Show :')

    So yeah, worth the money if you appreciate things like that.
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    (Original post by Herr)
    Ferraris are cars that are bought by people who can appreciate cars.... these aren't cars that you buy because you need transport.

    Just like a watch, a Casio does the same thing but a IWC or Rolex also does the same thing but cost many times more.... but I'll take the IWC any time
    IWC... :sexface: Good taste my friend!

    I think Ferraris are worth the money if you have enough money to be considering buying one. They look beautiful, and they have usually got some extremely cool technology in them, and the sound they make is incredible. Of course you are paying for the label too, but that is to be expected with one of the premier car manufacturers... you can get a Nissan GTR for half the price (or less), which is faster, more versatile and more user friendly, but it doesn't have the looks (though by no means is it ugly) or the name... I mean, if somebody asks what you drive, what sounds better: "I drive a Nissan, BUT it's a really fast one and has carbon fibre this and that, ..." or simply "I drive a Ferrari. It's red."
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    (Original post by de_monies)
    I can't afford a Ferrari and I doubt I ever will, unless perhaps it's a 1986 Ferrari that someone posted in another thread. Any way, my question is in the title.

    The reason I ask, is because I posted this in a different part of TSR, but the person that quoted me was a bit rude, when my question implied I knew nothing about cars. Any way, what I said is here:

    And I'm wondering are Ferrari's actually worth the money - if you had it, of course. Was I correct or wrong with my assumption?

    Thought I'd post here because I'd guess that the car experts come here
    I think the guy who replied to you invalidated his opinion when he said this:

    "Apple are the best phone and laptop etc company ever. fact. (not opinion)"
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    I think there are 2 points of view you can take here.

    Some people buy a Ferrari to show off, no question. It is a well known premium exclusive brand and everyone knows that they are expensive cars.

    Other people buy them because they really appreciate cars and they driving experience. To be honest I used to think they were over priced - why buy a 458 when you can get a Nissan GTR for half the price that does the same thing, right? I was then lucky enough to go on a track day driving a 360, and it was incredible. The whole experience, the dynamics, the noise, the performance, I have never driven anything like it! I would happily pay £100k for a good Ferrari if I had the means
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    (Original post by de_monies)
    True, but what I'm getting at is if you had a £100K Ferrari vs a £100K priced [insert brand] car. Would the Ferrari still be "worth" the money

    So far, people have told me pretty much as you said but no one's said whether they'd get the Ferrari or a another car, if it was similarly priced. I mean, I'd probably get the Ferrari but I don't really know any thing about cars
    Would I get a Ferrari? The thing about me is I only buy cars that are of the latest or current model which means essentially new cars. All new Ferraris and to a certain extent most Italian supercars have one thing I dislike about them, when you sit in them it feels as if you are sitting on the floor and generally speaking I like my cars to be relatively noise and rattle free to which these cars aren't exactly free off as the noise of the engine is part of the appreciation of the car.

    £100k won't buy you a new Ferrari I think the cheapest new Ferrari in UK is around £170k and by the time you add the options to it you will be looking closer to a £180-200k car

    A used Ferrari? Nah unless it is one of the ultra exotic ones I would never buy such a car second hand especially if it is the only way I could ever afford one.

    What would I buy for £100k most likely I would buy a Mercedes SL55 AMG instead though in reality I'd probably buy a BMW X5 with the biggest engine to it.
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    Having recently been in a Ferrari 458 I can say yes. They are worth it. Looks great, sounds AMAZING and accelerates like crazy!!
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    (Original post by DopeSk1llz)
    "A Ferrari is the girl you take home to your parents, A Lamborghini is the slut you sleep with on the weekends."

    "a Ferrari makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, a Lamborghini does it to the hair on your balls!"

    "you buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody, you buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody."

    "why buy a PRANCING horse when you could buy a RAGING bull"
    First two yes, second two no.

    You buy a Ferrari when you are somebody. Someone who has class, style and elegance as opposed to youthful raw power and ignorance.

    Again, a prancing horse is more than just the badge, its the history, the breeding, the racing influence; non of which you get with a Lambo.
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    Theres more to it than objectivness, theres soul.

    Like the Evo review of the MP4-12C vs the 458 Italia...the mclaren trumps it in every way and has supension smoother than a rolls royce phantom...but it doesnt have the soul that the Ferrari has.
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    (Original post by thesmileyone69)
    Theres more to it than objectivness, theres soul.

    Basically if you like the way a Ferrari drives, then it's worth it, simply because of the fact that no other car drives like it. Same goes for all those supercars.
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    Get a Nissan GTR and save yourself 70 grand.
  16. Offline

    I hear if you go to Mr Daley he might be able to sort you out a nice 1976 Capri. I'll have a word if you want
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    (Original post by de_monies)
    True, but what I'm getting at is if you had a £100K Ferrari vs a £100K priced [insert brand] car. Would the Ferrari still be "worth" the money

    So far, people have told me pretty much as you said but no one's said whether they'd get the Ferrari or a another car, if it was similarly priced. I mean, I'd probably get the Ferrari but I don't really know any thing about cars
    Short answer, yes. I suppose with cars it's very subjective. Few people have had the privilage of driving different supercars so it'll be difficult for them to compare, also a lot of it comes down to a desire to own the car itself. For example would I want a Ferarri 458 or an Aston Martin DBS? The 458 is probably the better performing car (by whatever margin), but the price will be more or less on the same level. You wouldn't buy one and find someone scoffing that you got ripped off because you didn't buy the other.

    What you will find, for comparisons sake are people claiming that a BMW M6 or Nissan GT-R (using these for the sake of an example) are better value cars because they have the power to keep pace with one but cost less (<£100,000 vs £190,000) . However, I'm sure that if it came down to it, most people will pick a Ferarri anyway because well if you are in the market for a super car you probably couldn't care less about the price. Also again, at this point it really does become about personal taste. You want a beautiful car you can admire and that you'll enjoy driving. The few people who would criticise your choice probably will never be in the market for be blunt.

    TL;DR: yes, they are worth the money
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    (Original post by de_monies)
    True, but what I'm getting at is if you had a £100K Ferrari vs a £100K priced [insert brand] car. Would the Ferrari still be "worth" the money

    So far, people have told me pretty much as you said but no one's said whether they'd get the Ferrari or a another car, if it was similarly priced. I mean, I'd probably get the Ferrari but I don't really know any thing about cars
    Depends on the car you're comparing it to and even then this is all really subjective.
  19. Offline

    If money was no object, then it would be worth it. But realistically even if I end up earning a lot of money, a ferrari would never be worth it for me. Same reason why I would never buy a Rolex. I don't believe in ostentatious displays of wealth.
  20. Offline

    You buy a ferrari so you can turn round when someone asks you what car you have in the pub you can see the look on their face when you say 'ferrrarrriiiiiiiiiiiiii'


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