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What makeup do you bring out with you?

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    I have a friend who literally brings her whole entire make up bag out with her wherever she goes... I only bring vaseline and maybe some face powder

    What do you bring?!
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    I use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, so once that's on, it's on for the day. Dust it with powder and blusher + mascara on = no carrying make up around! The only thing I'd ever take would be lip balm in winter time.
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    Not much normally e.g. maybe lipstick/gloss for reapplications.

    If it's a really long day or hot then also some blusher, eyeliner, face powder, eyebrow pencil, concealer.

    But normally just lipstick/gloss and hand cream!
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    Not much normally e.g. maybe lipstick/gloss for reapplications.

    If I need to look presentable and it's a really long day or hot then also some blusher, eyeliner, face powder, eyebrow pencil, concealer.

    But normally just lipstick/gloss and hand cream!
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    powder, eyeliner and lipgloss
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    Tend to only take makeup out with me on nights out so I take out face powder, mascara, blusher and lipgloss/lipstick. My makeup bag is too big to carry around with me.
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    To college, I take lip balm, blusher, foundation and mascara. I only ever really use the lip balm,though.

    To a night out, I tend to take everything. Although thats not loads for me - lip balm, foundation, powder, blusher or bronzer and brush, mascara, eyeliner if I'm wearing it. Again, I rarely use any of the items. It's almost like a reassurance, in case it rains or I get really sweaty and my crappy cheap make up comes off
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    I don't really wear makeup unless I'm going properly out, but even then I only bring lip balm which isn't particularly makeup-y in itself...
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    Only take vaseline, lipgloss and eye liner.
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    Vaseline, lipgloss and eyeliner on a day-to-day basis. Unless I'm going to see the guy I'm seeing in which case the whole bag comes with.
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    I never bring make up out with me on a day to day basis - I just don't feel the need to touch up. But if I'm going out in the evening, the only things I'll really bring are Superdrug non-shine powder pages (a life saver) and possibly lipstick
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    None. When I'm out I can't really be bothered with reapplying my make up.
    I always take some vaseline with me though.
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    I don't bring any. :dontknow:
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    If I'm just out for the day I take a lip balm, that's probably it. If I'm out for the night I'll probably have lipstick/balm and eyeliner (it always smudges) with me. I pretty much never end up touching up my make up while I'm out anyway.
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    Lip balm.
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    lip balm/lipstick and some pressed powder.
    OR if I'm particularly spotty that week I'll take out some concealer!
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    None. I put it on in the morning and then I'm set. Not gunna waste my time re-applying it during the day, got stuff to be doing.
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    I always have vaseline and hand cream in my bag.
    If it's a night out I'll also take powder/shine control sheets.
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    mascara, lipgloss and powder.
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    usually just lipbalm as I get really dry lips, but sometimes I might take my mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss as well


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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