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What exam are you worrying about most?

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    (Original post by fimblesocks)
    Politics EDEXCEL AS Unit 2. The content is not hard but I find it so boring revision is like hitting my head against a brick wall and nothing goes in.
    isn't that the one with sources?
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    EDIT: As if TSR won't let me write that in capitals on its own -.-
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    let me see... physics unit 1 and stats 1. i find it so hard to motivate myself to revise for physics because it seems so complicated bleh.
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    Core 3 and Core 4. Obviously.
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    OCR Ancient History. I'm still so terribly confused about the whole specification, for both Rome and Greece, and oh how I wish I was still only doing AS.

    Edexcel English lang/lit. Oh God. I need a miracle.
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    My chemistry unit 1 resit.

    Last year I had a D in it, If I resit it and get 82/90 UMS I can average a middle E in my A2 chemistry papers. That will be enough for me to get a B overall and get into my firm/ insurance. Not saying I want to average E's at A2, it's just a pleasant thought.
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    History. Why did I choose you? Why did I think I was even remotely good at you? Stupid deluded 16 year old me. Specifically AQA unit 3 international relation 1945-2004. I don't know what I'm doing. I really don't.
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    My Spanish oral in 12 hours, it will be 11 minutes of torture.
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    OCR bio 5 because of the large amount of (very wordy) content and I also need an A* in this (or chem) to get into my firm uni. Also dreading Chem 5 as I need an A/A* for chem to get into firm uni (
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    Edexcel chemistry unit 1 and 2 and English lit ocr AS. W.B yeats is so tense, its not too hard to waffle random but logical points on language verse form etc. and drag in some context but remembering the quotes..not going so well
    chemistry just seems impossible
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    100% english...... even a pass would be nice
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    (Original post by Chaofan88)
    OCR bio 5 because of the large amount of (very wordy) content and I also need an A* in this (or chem) to get into my firm uni. Also dreading Chem 5 as I need an A/A* for chem to get into firm uni (
    Good luck! Were those offers for medicine?
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    All bloody 4 of them, i am sh**ting my pants right now
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    Both PSYA4 and F215

    ..but primarily F215!! I hate biology and ocr and arrgh there is so much stuff to learn and our class is only about half done on it with a month to go till the exam! stressing out!!!
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    In this order: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, C2, S1, C1 :call2:
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    Physics 5 ocr have to get an A to get into uni ><
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    (Original post by NubianQ)
    Good luck! Were those offers for medicine?
    Thanks a lot Haha, no I applied for biosciences but Oxford offer=A*AA in chem bio and English lit
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    I'd say OCR Chemistry, F325. The reason being I need an A in it to get an A overall and the paper is so damn unpredictable. Honestly, you can do hours and hours of revision, every past paper question ever written, and there will still be a bitch of a question that just screws you over. The content itself isn't that hard, just the exam, grade boundaries are always high and mark schemes are very strict... ugh

    If I didn't require such a low grade I would say EdExcel Maths C4 - it's absolutely evil and pretty impossible, fortunately I can probably get an A with about 50% UMS

    I'm not particularly.worrying about it as such, but I'm really not looking forward to AQA Geography 3, there's so damn much to revise, it's going to be hell.
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    AQA PSYA4. I NEED 54 UMS to meet my medicine offer, years of work are coming down to those two hours and I am so scared I can barely think about anything else.
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    Chemistry/Physics. I need high As in both whereas I only need a B in Maths..


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