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What exam are you worrying about most?

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    Well, I was quite worried about my contract exam yesterday, so now I'm most worried about my jurisprudence exam later today.

    I've got consumer on Friday, though I think that should be fine.
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    Further Maths; I simply don't know enough of Mechanics
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    Lol, M2, Fp2 and Fp3.
    **** M2. D:
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    FP1, M2, D1 and BIOL2 (because I have started NO revision for biology yet)
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    cie as Mathematics component 21! Component 11 was so hard
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    C2 - haven't started working on it and it's not far away.
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    Edexcel - Econ3, Econ4, C3 and C4. The grade boundaries are so high for C3 and C4 :redface: :redface:
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    English Literature. I'm probably going to give up now, so by the time of the exam next week they're gonna ask me why all of the female characters in The Great Gatsby are bitches and I'm going to answer 'IDK. IT'S PROBABLY CAUSE FITZ'S WIFE WAS BEING BONED BY SOME OTHER GUY.' Then I'll have a facepalm moment about it in August, and retake it next January.

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    (Original post by Arieisit)
    cie as Mathematics component 21! Component 11 was so hard
    I think it was OK, except for a few small stuff I forgot about (like the cos formula for triangles) Are you taking only AS Level, since Paper 21 is not for the full A Level?
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    Edexcel Physics Unit 3B and 6B. I don't have any idea what will come out, it's so unpredictable
    And FP2/FP3 too, still can breath normally as it still a month to go. Sigh...
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    aqa his1l
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    FP3, because ARGH. Also, physics.

    I've got a lot to live up to with my self-taught modules, and I'm not doing brilliantly in this one. And physics because I like to understand exactly why things work, but according to my teacher 'that's undergrad/postgrad level, I can't teach you that'. Grr.

    Much happier about C1 and C4. FP2 should be ok once I've learnt all of the topics M2's a resit, so as long as I remember what I'm doing (and I don't panic) it should go well.
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    CHEM5 I need an A in chemistry to get into university.
    Judging by the C in CHEM4 that's just not going to happen!
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    C4. Oh my God, C4. (OCR MEI)
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    Edexcel Chemistry unit 2.

    "Reactions of the halides" just won't stick!
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    (Original post by fimblesocks)
    Politics EDEXCEL AS Unit 2. The content is not hard but I find it so boring revision is like hitting my head against a brick wall and nothing goes in.
    Agreed! Definitely going to be my worst exam.
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    History, because I havent started revising yet. Its on TUESDAY THE 15TH!!!
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    The practical in physics and chemistry AS level retakes...

    Why? Because I got a U last time and it dragged my overall mark down to 85!
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    CIE american history 1900-1970
    So much content to remember that i havent even started writing practice essays . The exam is on the 24th of May


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