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What exam are you worrying about most?

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    Further Pure 2 (MEI)
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    Psychology PY4. There's so much to learn :cry2:
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    All of them D;

    German because it's getting more and more difficult to get a good mark with all the native speakers who take it. I need an A.

    French because of what we have to do for the oral exam: memorise a 4 minute long expose on a french film, but speak as though it's spontaneous, then discuss related themes and topics related to the film for an additional ten minutes. I need an A, right now that's not happening.

    English Language because it's my weakest subject and AQA always seem to screw up when marking English papers, and I need a B.

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    i think the better question for me is what exam am i not worrying about!!
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    As chemstry and maths. My exam is in two weeks and there is the retakes as well :'(
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    AQA Chem 4 - can't wait to cry it out and get over it :-P
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    Hate english so much! literature is the worst, i don't even like reading the books! and language is just plain boring. What a frustrating subject for me! I'm aiming for an A though.
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    The first one, sociology resit. Once that's over I can get into the rthymn of things and go into the others a little less worried
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    CHEMISTRY ! i need a b to get into both uni choices and im on 69% im walking on a very fine line!
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    C4 edxcel and biology unit 2and 1 ...i got a C in bio and I need to get an ~ its beyong accomplidhment but its better to try rather than jst give up.
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    (Original post by pjanoo)
    Edexcel S1 hate it so much, just so boring and applied. Very easy to make a calculation mistake and then lose all accuracy marks because of how number-y it is
    S1 isnt that all hard ..all you have to do is jst concentrate I am sure u eill do well ... What do u need like umsscore ?
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    EVERYTHING =( But mostly my unit 2 exams!!! ECONOMICS UNIT 2 IS A KILLER!!!!!
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    Maths. Mainly because I haven't started revision- I'm at an E grade atm
    and History because there is so much to learn and about 5 days to do it in. Had a history revision day with my friends yesterday. Apart from watching america's next top model, I realised I know shockingly little:eek:
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    Either maths or physics. Hate them both and can't do either
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    PSYA3 because there's too much content to cover and I've got a month to revise it and Edexcel English Language and Lit as it's next week on Friday but I haven't even started to look at the themes or even read the book set.lol. I better get my ass in gear and go do some revision NOW! Arrgh!!!
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    (Original post by i love pencils)
    PSYA3 because there's too much content to cover and I've got a month to revise it and Edexcel English Language and Lit as it's next week on Friday but I haven't even started to look at the themes or even read the book set.lol. I better get my ass in gear and go do some revision NOW! Arrgh!!!
    My friend has just finished birdsong which she's had since September. At least it's fresh in her mind for the exam!
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    Chemistry paper 3 - Practicals... It;s tomorrow and I hate practicalss :nooo: and I have to go to the exam hall at 11 and will leave at 8
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    I'm dreading A2 Maths C3 and C4 for maths the most because I find it the hardest to revise, and then A2 Equilibria energetics and elements because there seems to be sooo much to revise for it.

    Although to be honest I will probably be more confident at the start of June after I've had hours upon hours of revision done.
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    sameeeeee C3 AND C4 F214 BIO AND F315 CHEM ); fml
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